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A lot of times, one is very embarrassed at the appearance of unwanted hair. This is true for several people as such hair usually grows in all the unwanted places. Facial hair, body hair and underarm hair are target areas of getting treatments done for a permanent hair removal. With all the waxing and shaving done these days, there’s never a permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. Lasers then become a boon for several people who are looking at a permanent hair removal.

Until now, lasers were the unknown territory, read as expensive options for permanent hair removal. The truth today is that a lot of patients are keen on getting a laser therapy done even if it means investing in their hard earned money and time. The safest possible method today, lasers are the best means to get rid of unwanted hair in patches. The treatment is safe, relatively long lasting and can also ease your troubles of experiencing a firmer re-growth. 

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The best part though is that lasers can be used all over the body; be it your face, legs, arms, chest, back, or even over your bikini or bathing suit areas. Lasers have found a long lasting friend in women for all their waxing woes. 

Men on the other hand prefer using lasers for their facial hair; more for their convenience rather than anything. A constant irritating infection, cuts and bruises or even bleeding are some of the areas that have helped men. Besides those who possess a lot of chest and body hair have found refuge in this method of permanent hair removal. Here are some of the points to bear in mind before a laser session:

The time to begin

Most physicians will inform you that summers are never a great season for a laser session. You may want to plan your sessions and come forward with consultations with your dermatologists during the summers. For reasons best known to specialists, summers are the worst time for getting under the beam. The sun and its pigmentation results can rip you off any treatment and probably worsen it if you have planned laser hair removal during the time. Discoloration, irritation and excessive sun exposure are some of the other minuses to be eliminated. Once the sun goes down, quite literally, it would be a great idea to begin all the sessions

Pain-free solutions

Lasers are a boon to those who have copious amount off unwanted hair. Though a long process lasers are effective, pain free and truly long lasting. After about several painful waxing sessions, laser may comprise of about 40 odd taps that are virtually painless in a single session alone. While you may not even feel anything more than a slight prick, they do the job of hair removal quite efficiently. 

Quality of a session

Most lasers rely on the quality of your hair that needs to be removed. A lot of times the thickness and density of hair will be monitored before the actual sessions begin. It’s important that the specialist does this to ensure your session to be a successful one. 

Less time consuming

A typical laser hair removal session lasts for between 15 to 20 minutes. In case your hair is denser, you may require a little longer, though never longer than 30 minutes at one go. For a first session and dense hair, it could take you rough half an hour to about 45 minutes. The good part though is that lasers ensure that large patches of unwanted hair are done within this time; until your next appointment or the next follicular growth cycle. Always mention your follicular and hormonal changes to the doctor working on your body. This will help him understand your skin sensitivity and growth patterns.

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