Unconventional Methods to Improve Workplace Productivity

Employee productivity is directly tied to business revenues and profits, but actually boosting the effectiveness of team members is not always straightforward.

If you have tried all of the usual strategies and still feel like there is room for optimization, here are some left field alternatives to consider implementing in your own organization.

Give employees more time off

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but when you think about it for a second it will make a heap of sense. Rather than expecting staff to spend every waking hour grinding away to eke out a competitive advantage, it is better to ensure that they have plenty of time away from the office to rest, recuperate and return reinvigorated.

Of course you also need a system which makes applying for time off as easy as possible, so check out these 6 options for annual leave software to find the best choice for you.

Embrace nap breaks

It is not just longer stints of downtime that make a difference in terms of productivity, as even breaks in a typical working day can increase concentration and engagement.

To go a step further, why not provide places where employees can take a nap before they get back to their duties? This is a proven technique for increasing focus, albeit in short doses of 10 minutes, as longer stretches of daytime shuteye have the opposite effect.

Eliminate unnecessary meetings

Some meetings are essential, but others can simply monopolize time without actually achieving anything useful.

Knowing the difference between these two can be a challenge in its own right, which is why it is best to plan meetings thoroughly, set an agenda and ensure that you are not just covering the same ground without a unique end goal in mind. And if a meeting does not have a definable outcome, then can it.

Prioritize bite-sized tasks

Although it might feel like tackling the biggest tasks first and foremost is the best way to stay productive, this can cause lots of smaller but just as important duties to fall by the wayside.

It is better instead to make seemingly minor obligations a priority. If something will take just a couple of minutes to complete, then get on with it rather than leaving it undone.

Limit total task time

Following on from the previous tip, it is also sensible to put a cap on the amount of time you spend doing a given task, rather than slaving away for hours on end.

Allocating a 90-minute window in which to turn your attention to a project on a given day is said to be ideal. This will maximize your focus and your creativity, rather than leaving you bored and fatigued with a seemingly never-ending session on a single task.

Create a comfortable working environment

Everything from the lighting to the temperature and even the view offered by a workplace can influence the levels of productivity in an office.

It essentially comes down to striking a good balance to keep employees comfortable and content. Turning the temperature up a few degrees might increase the heating bill, but will also make workers more productive. Letting them listen to music while they work, rather than insisting on complete silence, can also have benefits in this regard.

Offer fuel for thought

Lastly, do not forget to give employees snacks on tap, preferably those that are rich in energy without being unhealthy.

The brain needs fuel just like the rest of the body, and productivity will be at its peak when employees are not niggled by hunger pangs.

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