Should We All Start Napping at Work

Long gone are the days when people believed that falling asleep on a pile of papers on your work desk is a sign of weakness and laziness.  Luckily for us, the work philosophy started to change, and it is becoming more oriented towards the needs of workers and their overall wellbeing. 


Working remote, casual Fridays, or even shorter workweek, are some of the most popular measures for improving productivity and performance. Power napping is another highly praised method of enhancing people’s productivity at work. Kids are known as the biggest nappers, and napping is one healthy habit we should continue to practice even as adults. 

Just because you are an adult now, it does not mean that you have to stay awake during the entire day. And finally, it seems that the bosses are getting aware of that since companies started accepting power naps and even providing napping stations for their employees.

How Napping at Work Works for You

It is not a secret that sleep affects productivity. Anyone working full time at the office knows that each day, at some point, their energy is going to drop, they are going to feel tired and out of focus. Instead of reaching out for the second or third cup of coffee, taking a brief nap can provide the same or even better effect than the dose of caffeine. Let’s check some of the beneficial effects of napping.

  • It improves cognitive performance
  • It reduces stress and keeps people in the right mood
  • Less fatigue
  • The brain stays alert
  • It decreases the risk of making wrong decisions and errors
  • It improves memory

When all these factors are combined, you are on the top of your game, and nothing can hinder your productivity and performance. That is why napping should become a mandatory part of our work routine because it works for us. Naps do not last long, so if investing a little bit of time can make such a difference, then it is time to embrace power naps as a part of our work culture.

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Pro Tips for Power Napping at Work

If you want to get the maximum out of power naps,  you have to do them in the right way. It is nothing too complicated, so here are our tips for power napping like a pro.

  • Do not push yourself to nap if you are not tired. Most people get tired after eating their lunch, but if that is not the case with you, do not waste your time trying to nap. It will only frustrate you. You have to find if you are tired enough, and you need 15-20 minutes of napping, or you just need to walk or stretch, and you are fine.
  • Always set the alarm. Naps can be tricky because you never know are you going to wake up after 20 minutes or 2 hours. Also, you are not always going to be able to fall asleep the second you shut your eyes. The optimal solution is to set your alarm in 25 minutes. You will get at least 10 to 15 minutes of proper napping.
  • Nap duration is something that depends on a lot of things. On average, your overall napping time should not exceed 30 minutes. The optimal time for naps is 15 minutes, add 5 or 10 minutes to fall asleep, and that is it. Everything more than that could have the opposite effect on you. Falling deeper into sleep will make it harder for you to wake up, and grogginess is not the effect you are looking for.
  • Depending on your workplace, sometimes the conditions may not be ideal for napping. Using earplugs, eye masks, or listening to some calming music, should help reduce the effects of noise and bright surroundings, and induce sleep.
  • Finding a comfortable place to nap is a challenge, but you also should not get too comfortable because then you are going to struggle to get up. Many people lean back in their chairs or rest their heads on the desk, but by far, the best solution is to use a couch, if your office has one.
  • Do not expect that the second you open your eyes, you are going to feel like a new person. Believe it or not, we actually need some time to recover from napping, usually no longer than 15 minutes. So get up, and give yourself some time to feel the energy flowing again.


We can all nap, but not everyone can master the skill of power napping after the first shot. It takes time to find that sweet spot in time and place and to perfectly schedule your power naps and get the most out of them. We hope our recommendations will help you achieve that. If you are in a leading position in a company, you should try it first, and then set a good example by introducing power naps to your employees. 

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