Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

A lot of people consider the idea of making money online as a dream come true. Since the entry of the internet, this has been a reality for millions around the world. The web continues to introduce new ways to venture into entrepreneurship and take better control of the business. However, the idea of making money online is mostly not as dreamy as people would imagine. 

The money-making ventures on this platform often require a lot of discipline, and you have to be a consistent energy-devotee to see to get the money-making venture off the ground. Nonetheless, working on the platform offers a lot of flexibility than ordinary nine-to-fives. If making money online is something you have been angling towards, then here are some approaches to consider:

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1. Gambling

The online casino industry is a booming multi-billion-dollar niche that has blown up in the past two decades. With thousands of online gambling dens and online slots available, you can indulge in real money games that provide actual cash returns. Even though gambling is often conducted for the fun of it, some games allow it to be pursued professionally and collect big wins in the millions of dollars. However, understand that this niche comes with a lot of risks since luck is mainly involved in landing payouts. Also, you need to practice to master how to play some games like poker to get to professional playing levels.

On the other hand, you can opt to open an online casino of your own. This front is much more profitable than being a gambler since the house always wins. However, a lot of money has to be pumped into the business to cater to bonuses, licenses, and other expenses before profits start to come in.

2. Copywriting

Freelance writing is a massively successful niche online, and copywriting comes second to none in terms of profitability and effectiveness. As a copywriter, you conduct business directly with a firm that already has a brand for its services or products in place. All that is required is to compose content to publish on their website that helps generate traffic and sell the product. 

This is unlike blogging, which is also a freelance writing option, where you have to create content of your own from scratch. Depending on the presented contract, payment is usually based on hourly or word count rates. The remunerative nature of this online job has seen a lot of people make it their full-time practice with some making as much as 200,000 dollars per year.

3. Exploit the App Economy

When mobile phones were first invented, all they could do was call and text. First-forward to today, the devices have combined a load of everyday necessities from watches and notepads to social tools and business platforms. Smartphones run their programs mainly on applications, and a lot of companies have invested in creating some that generate payments. Therefore, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Tik Tok or Instagram, consider installing applications that make you money. 

One of the easiest money-making apps is Slidejoy. This passive income app only demands the creation of an account and installing it in your phone. The app then displays adverts and stories on your lock screen, and you can go about using your device as usual while paying you for it. Clashot is another excellent example, and it allows you to earn for taking photos. You can snap pics of anything including art, important sites, food, and even people while uploading them to the app. The images are then sold as stock photos. Photographs can go for as little as fifty cents to as much as eight dollars.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a website or are planning to open one, affiliate marketing is the way to go. Affiliate marketing is done by entering into partnerships with different companies and brands that use your blog as a platform to market their products or services. What the firm is selling has to be related to the content displayed on your website. For instance, if you publish gambling content, casinos and gaming software developers are your best bet for partnerships. Usually, there is a fixed payment that is accompanied by commissions depending on how much traffic you direct to their site.

5. Online Yard Sales

Yard sales are hectic to pull off, but they do churn in considerable profits that make them ideal to have nonetheless. The internet can step in to make things a lot easier by reducing the whole process to a few posts. With apps like eBay, you can upload images of the items you wish to sell and provide short descriptions of them. Such web platforms expose you to a much broader market, which drives up sales. Give the venture the best shot at success by taking good photos, giving detailed descriptions, and managing how products get to clients effectively.

6. Online Courses

If you are well-versed in a skill, you can teach others by marketing it online. The kind of content that you teach can be in any field from cooking and cleaning to financial growth and rental investment. This money-making option requires a lot of time investment to create the perfect course, but once it is up and running, all you have to do is wait for others to buy it. You can continuously update the course to keep people coming back and make it a full-time job in the long run. Some people have gone on to make six-figure fortunes with such ventures.

7. eBooks

If you trust your writing skills, then consider writing an eBook. People have always been fascinated by storytelling, which means books will never go out of fashion even if they are online. Therefore, horn the craft and type away until you have a complete project with you. The upside of eBooks is that they do not come with the extra costs of being published on pages and stacked on shelves. You can easily sell them on platforms like Amazon.

Final Comments

Making money online has been trending in the past couple of years, which means whichever path you choose, there is a good number of people to learn from. Begin by determining what your interests are and then pick one from the lot.

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