What Is Affiliate Management And How Does It Work?

Affiliate management pertains to building and growing marketing channels. Its general aim is to drive traffic to your business. The concept of affiliate management should not be confused with affiliate marketing as these mean different things. The differences between these and how affiliate management works are seen below. 


Definitions And Terms 

Before we go into how affiliate management works, let’s make sure that we’re on the same page regarding the definitions of terms and concepts you’ve probably seen online:

  • Affiliate Marketing: The marketing of services and products using online channels. These work with offers of revenue sharing. 
  • Affiliate Management: The building of channels where people engage in affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliates: Merchant products and services are promoted by affiliates. 
  • Affiliate Managers: Managers are the go-between for the client and the affiliate. Managers produce client reports, introduce promotions, attend conferences, and establish long-lasting relationships. 

How Affiliate Management Works 

Now that we know what differentiates affiliate management from other terms related to affiliate marketing, let’s take a look at how affiliate management works. Engaging the services of a company such as iAffiliate Management also offers insightful consulting services regarding affiliate management and the steps that must be taken for it to succeed. Consider the following processes so you will have some knowledge about it, as well as engage in an interesting consultation session and collaboration.

Finding Partners

The success of affiliate management is rooted in the forming of relationships. The first step is to find potential affiliate partners and convince them that you can play the role of promoting their brand successfully on your channels. Potential affiliate partners are found on Google, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The success of this step also hinges upon finding potential clients on online platforms that are not saturated by your competitors. 

Strengthening Affiliate Relationships

Gaining revenue doesn’t only rely on the satisfaction of partners that will use your channel. How you establish relationships in the beginning of your partnership will also determine the success and enjoyment of your channel and its processes. Partners enjoy the welcoming and initial contact given before diving into the thick of things. Relationships can be formed by warm welcoming emails and scheduled phone calls, which produce a necessary discussion that boosts partners’ confidence in the process. 

Affiliate Monitoring And Growth

Affiliate management is not a one-time event that is checked off a to-do list. Affiliate management is a gradual, constant process that needs to grow to become successful. Once you have established rapport and confidence with your partners, there’s a need for constant monitoring and the improvement of processes your clients experience with your channels.

What keeps partners engaged are initiatives such as commission increases, as well as paid placements where partners get additional brand exposure in exchange. When monitoring and improving services for your client, it is important to remain inquisitive about your client. Knowing your client’s brand, ultimate goal, and personality will make growth strategies aligned with the client rather than randomized. One client may enjoy paid placement ads for exposure, while another would prefer promotions. The only way to know which strategy suits your client is to be insightful and attentive. 


When all is said and done, networking is one of the most important stages of affiliate management. This is how you get the traffic boosts and, ultimately, sales boost that’s required at the end of the day. Networking can be done in the form of recruitment lists and placement options. What is important to remember is that each client and customer that you will work with is different. Each requires different outcomes and journeys of how to achieve the best results. The style of networking also goes back to the type of client you’re working with. Getting to know your client is key to the success of quality networking. 

Use Of Affiliate Management Software

Software can make your duties more efficient by helping in the recruitment, assignment, and tracking of affiliates involved in the success of affiliate management. Using software eliminates the time that you spend on advertising and marketing, which frees up the time you need to concentrate on your clients. Becoming familiar with these also helps you get comfortable with the processes of affiliate management. 


You can have great networking and growth strategies, but lack communication skills. This is what can capsize your affiliate management boat. Strong relationships that can achieve compromises and versatile strategies let you attain affiliate management goals.

It’s important to remember that affiliate marketing and affiliate management are not to be interchanged. Marketing is the usage of online channels, while the affiliate management aspect discussed here pertains to the building of these marketing channels. Finding the right affiliates for the process is also key to affiliate management success. You can also do this by beginning the process of affiliate management with the mindset of seeking to form profitable relationships instead of seeking to boost sales. 

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