5 Forever-in-Trend Topics for Freelance Writers to Write on


One of the best things about a career in freelance writing is that it allows you a lot of space for exploring your creative potential. This means that most of the time, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a topic for your new piece. And then there those times when the creative freedom turns to pressure and you find yourself unable to come up with new and attention-grabbing topics. What do you, then? Thankfully, there are a few topics that never go out of trend. Listed below are five such reliables.

• DIY Pieces:

Do It Yourself (DIY) articles are a freelance writer’s bread and butter. The premise is that people are constantly looking online for actionable guidance on various tasks. You do need a fair bit of expertise in the area that you are giving out tips on. But whatever your area of expertise is – and most of us do have one – you can be sure to find an audience. The range is indeed limitless – gardening, home improvement, craft work, make-up, car remedies, and so on. You can always bank upon DIY articles to give you a thoroughly enjoyable writing experience. After all, you get to write about things that interest you enough to master them!

• Home Remedies:

With more and more people turning to the World Wide Web instead of the local doctor when it comes to treating minor ailments, there is a steady growth in demand for freelance writers who can contribute content to the field of home remedies. It doesn’t matter whether you are a medical professional, a paramedic, or simply a mom with a wealth of experience in dealing with common cold, cough, rashes, headaches, backaches, and the likes. As long as you are able to provide helpful information, you will have an audience.

• Food:

Whether it is a seasoned cook looking to find an exotic recipe or a bachelor seeking help with a basic Mac-and-Cheese meal, online recipes are in great demand – as are writers who can offer fresh and interesting perspectives on food. You do not have to limit yourself to recipes either. You could write about ways to preserve food at home, best/worst kinds of food for particular conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, acne, pregnancy) or ages, tips on healthy cooking, etc.

• Travel:

If you love to travel, it is a smart idea to write articles on travel. You will never have trouble finding blogs and other online publications that pay freelance writers handsomely for articles on all things travel-related. You could write about exciting experiences, tips on preparing for the journey, things to see/do in a particular place – the list is endless.

• Social Media Marketing:

Social media has today emerged as a key marketing tool for businesses big and small. If you are experienced in the field of social media marketing, you can be sure to find good employment opportunities as a freelancer writing on the topic. Even if you do not have firsthand experience, if you are good at researching online, you may be able to dig up valuable information on marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and present it in a comprehensive form for businesses to avail.

There you go! Five topics to see you through an unforeseen freelancer’s crisis. Can you come up with more?

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