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When you are looking to make it out there as an entrepreneur, you will need more than just your skills. You will need a team and not just any team but the best of all. A good team is a combination and compilation of the best you can get your hands on who are right for the job, who are meant to do it and definitely the ones who take actual interest in the field you have taken up. Not that you are any less talented to make it on your own, but having a team of exclusive talents will be more impactful than just you along with a truck load of talent. Here’s a list of some members you can have on your team.

  1. An Assistant

Having an assistant is one of the most important things in the life of an entrepreneur. You could have more than one assistant and classify them for various purposes. From getting you coffee to making your important bookings and appointments, you will need a personal assistant. You can use another hand that will look closer to the aspect of marketing which is one of the most important aspects of your business. Being closer to the field and preferably being an experienced person in the field of marketing would be a great plus for an assistant. And then there is an assistant you can hire to be the next best thing after you. Someone who has a similar point of view or so could be an ideal choice and you may need more than just one interaction to hire this kind of an assistant. Rather than three, finding one with the talent equipped by three will make it the best decision you ever take.

  1. Accountant

Having an accountant might be mandatory and you may be making use of accountants that you can hire when the period of audit comes closer. But that is not the right way to go about it. Having an accountant is almost equal to giving your most precious list in his hands, the treasury balance sheet. Hence, if there is someone familiar you know who is looking for a job, let them have it and you will be more at ease when you think about the safety of your accounting process and also you will have the comfort of knowing them .

  1. An Attorney

An attorney is what you need more than an assistant. Having the right attorney will give you the confidence you need to be out there and rule the market. An attorney is someone who has your back and will not leave by your side in case of disputes and any other form of legal hurdles. And since you cannot be defending yourself in court, this attorney of yours needs to be the best you can have to fight for you or defend you for that matter. This one aspect is something you cannot compromise on and is one of the most valuable person in the whole team.

  1. A Friend

A friend by your side to constantly criticize you and keep pushing you a little more than what you are capable of is the right kind of friend to have in your life. While they can be pretty supportive and pushy, do not take it offensively and hamper the status of your friendship. You need them more than you know and they are the ones who will give you a break when you absolutely need one off from the hectic schedule you have. They are the ones who perform favors without expecting anything in return and who are on the lookout for you because you deserve the best and they believe it. Come to think about it, a friend is probably what you need more than anything else.

  1. Customer care expert

You know that customers are of utmost importance to you. When you know that, you are sure to take matters into your own hands and not let it fall into someone else’s. You are willing to go all the way to keep up the relationship shared. But, there will come a point of time where you will not longer be able to put up with the long list of customers and clients that you have. You will need someone who is good with people and has an impeccable skill of convincing and even manipulating. Giving the responsibility of taking care of your group of potentials is not an easy task. Hence, when you do hire this person, make sure you are getting the best and go through a number of mock sessions to test it out as to how they react in emergency situations or harsh conditions. Getting one such with an exceptional amount of patience will reward you in the future.

  1. A Critic

Have a critic on board. Preferably, someone you don’t know. The lesser you know this person, the better. Yes, friends may be good critics, but they are friends who know you and know exactly what is running through your head. Having someone who is into the same genre as your company will help you in getting honest reviews and opinions. Depend on this person’s honesty for getting the true feedback and take it as a customer’s feedback. This small but of analysis before you jump forward to setting up your project on the production line will enable you to deal with the customer satisfaction and be like a review of what you intend to launch in the market. Getting it evaluated even before it is released into the market is what will keep you on your toes and allow you to deliver better quality and better-finished products.

  1. A Role Model

You may have entered into this field due to various reasons. One of the top most will state that you have been inspired by someone who did something absolutely amazing when they ran a business of their own. Get them on board with you. Having them by your side during your presentations and meetings and product launches will see you having a great source of motivation and you will put in extra efforts to make sure they find your work worthy. Seeking for their approval will take you places and will ensure that you are under a watch, making you less prone to messing up any bit of it. If you cannot get them onboard with you, you can at least keep them in the loop so that you have someone to report it back to, making it all the more meaningful.

When it comes to hiring people, the most rookie mistake we make is by taking people we know best. What we may think of as an advantage may turn into a bad one later on. Given the fact that many people have chosen to betray their friends and partners and take over their firms and rob them of all that they believed in, it is best you keep your mannerism as official and be a boss rather than trying to be a friend. You never know what life has in store for you. So keep digging till you find that gold.

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