5 Reasons To Hire An Attorney Before Starting A Business

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Entrepreneurs who fail to hire attorneys before starting their businesses struggle to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. As an entrepreneur, intimidation factors rise as you move further along in your startup process. Various business documents with never-before-seen terms appear are presented to you. It can be difficult to understand all the terms and conditions required to run a business. With an attorney on your side, you do not have to spend hours learning government or regulatory lingo. Instead, your attorney can explain them to you and move your process along. In this post, you will learn the top reasons to hire an attorney before starting a business.

Choosing A Business Structure

Firstly, attorneys assist entrepreneurs in choosing the right business structure for their company. You may be familiar with options such as LLC, corporation, and partnership. However, you may not be aware of the factors that should go into making your decision. If you hire an attorney, they will go over the liability, tax, and ownership specifics for each option. Many entrepreneurs discover new information and change their minds on which business structure they prefer. Then, they launch businesses successfully and start profiting quickly.

Bylaws And Operating Agreement Necessities

You should also hire an attorney before starting a business because they can help you determine your bylaws and operating agreement necessities. These documents explain crucial information and processes for a company. You need to include components regarding shareholder meetings, decision-making processes, and the proper way to issue shares of stock. If your state demands LLC operating agreements and you choose to form an LLC, you need to include information on how you will handle ownership changes as well. According to A.E.I. Law, “an attorney can determine what type of fictitious entity is necessary, if any, as well as what licenses and permits you need and what laws and regulations you must comply with on a local, state, and federal level.” Your attorney can ensure that you fill out these documents appropriately.

Contract Negotiations

Your attorney will provide advice on negotiating contracts as well. At the beginning of your startup process, recognize who you will be targeting with your products and/or services. If you plan to sell products to consumers, you will need to find a supplier. If you are going to provide consumers with services, you may need to purchase equipment. In both circumstances, you will need to draft and eventually sign contracts. Since you will be tied to these contracts during your startup, they directly impact your success. To ensure that you do not sign an unfair contract, you need a lawyer to go over it with you. They can teach you how to negotiate terms, which will leave you with reasonable contracts for your startup.

Expedite Patent Filing

Moreover, you can hire an attorney to expedite a patent filing. Entrepreneurs usually file for patents to protect their intellectual property during their startup process. If you choose not to get a patent, you put your unique business idea at risk and could lead your startup towards steep competition. Risks also increase if the patent process takes too long to complete. Fortunately, lawyers have the power to speed up applying for a patent. If you hire a patent attorney, they will go through the process with you, explaining any unknown terms along the way. If your patent is associated with a patent attorney, it will be approved faster as well. Hire an attorney to guarantee intellectual property protection for your startup.

Lawsuit Prevention Advice

Finally, hire an attorney before starting a business to gain lawsuit prevention advice. When entrepreneurs startup businesses without obtaining such advice, they put themselves at risk of being sued. An attorney can show you the best ways to handle sensitive situations. If you go about hiring your first employees the wrong way, you could break the law and end up with fees. Those fees could impede your startup process because they would interfere with your budget. Hire a lawyer to teach you how to prevent legal issues from arising as you startup your company.

Successful entrepreneurs hired attorneys before starting their businesses. After all, attorneys provide significant advice on choosing a business structure. An attorney can also help you understand and complete required documents like bylaws and operating agreements. They also teach contract negotiation tactics. At the same time, they can expedite the patent filing process so you can kickstart your startup process faster. In addition, lawyers are the ultimate go-to professionals for prevention advice that is necessary during a startup. These are the top reasons to hire an attorney before starting a business.

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