What You Need to Know Before Hiring a New Lawyer

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a New Lawyer

After a truck accident, victims need to follow steps to present a legal claim to the court. If they didn’t play a role in causing the accident, the victim may seek compensation for their economic damages. Before getting started, they must build the most suitable case for the claim. 

Do They Manage Truck Accident Cases

Just because an attorney practices personal injury law doesn’t mean they handle truck accident cases. The victim will need to review the areas of practice for all attorneys of interest and establish that the attorney can present them in a truck accident case. A simple review of the attorney’s website determines if they offer these services to accident victims. Claimants who need a new lawyer get started by reviewing the attorney’s areas of practice now. 

What Is Their Track Record With The Cases?

The attorney’s track record is available to anyone through public record, and the victim can determine if the attorney is the appropriate choice for their case. They can determine if the attorney has a proven track record of managing 18-wheeler accident cases and collecting compensation for their clients. If the attorney doesn’t have a great track record, they won’t present a suitable choice for a client who needs help right now. 

Are There Any Complaints Against the Attorney?

Any complaints against the attorney can present issues for a new client, and the nature of the complaints should be a serious consideration. If the attorney was out of line with a client or if they failed to complete their job, these issues could make them the wrong choice for a client who is facing life-changing effects after an 18-wheeler accident. A legal claim against an attorney could affect their ability to practice law under certain circumstances. 

Do They Have References?

References could provide the potential client with insight into what to expect from the attorney. They need an attorney that will be dedicated to their case and completes all vital steps to present the claim to the court effectively. Previous clients can provide clarity as to if the attorney manages the cases properly or if they did a terrific job in the former client’s case. If the references only present negative reviews, it’s time to move on and find a new attorney. 

Can You Get a Referral?

Attorneys who cannot represent the victim because of their current caseload will provide referrals to attorneys that they know. If they present details about an attorney who is within their network, it is possible to find a lawyer that provides services appropriately. However, this doesn’t mean the client shouldn’t research the attorney based on their own standards. 

Some attorneys provide referrals when they do not believe that the client has a viable case. This is basically pawning off the client to someone who will take the case regardless of the viability of the case. The circumstances are not favorable for the client, and they need an attorney who is honest about the feasibility of the claim and won’t waste their time. 

An 18-wheeler accident can produce serious injuries and fatalities. All parties involved in the accident could share the fault, or the commercial driver could cause the accident because of exhausted driving. When reviewing a case, the victims need to follow a proven formula to find an effective attorney that presents their case to the court appropriately. 

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