Top 5 Romantic Ways to Propose

Propose a girl

Once you’ve chosen the one you want to spend your life with, most people move on to purchase the ring.  You may have ideas about what ring she’d like best, or it may be a complete surprise.  Purchasing an engagement ring can be overwhelming, with options that range from the classic round engagement ring ( ) all the way to the cool and regal emerald cut diamond engagement ring ( ). Either way, these 2 things may have seemed like the toughest part, but for many, the proposal is the trickiest part of this journey.  Here to inspire you are our top 5 favorite romantic ways to propose.

#1.  Plan your proposal around a trip. The idea of taking time out, away from the normal chaos of work and life’s demands to focus only on each other, is a great opportunity to propose a new beginning. Take her somewhere amazing! Being away from all the day-to-day noise in a place you both want to be, sets the stage for a romantic and memorable proposal that is anything but run of the mill.  It takes some planning and careful thought, but it can set the stage for a memorable proposal that has romance written all over it.

#2. Take a hike – literally.  Go hiking and make your proposal at a high point in your hike.  You’ll have a great view to capture in your minds for this memory and you’ll both feel like you’re on top of the world! This type of proposal plan is only romantic if she loves to hike of course, but if hiking is a hobby you both share a love for, this is a sweet and thoughtful way to propose.  Don’t forget to take pictures!

#3.  Create a romantic evening in.  Making a memory in your home is also sweet and romantic – and you can get pretty elaborate – even at home!   Prepare or order in a favorite meal.  Set up flowers or candles. Set the stage with photographs of yourselves together. Make sure to incorporate her favorite things to build a beautiful moment!  Privacy is an added bonus in this loving gesture.

#4. Pop the question in a favorite restaurant.  Public proposals may not be for everyone, but you know your girl best and can decide if this is something she’d love.  Get help from staff at a favorite restaurant and add special touches ranging from flowers to fancy desserts that lead up to your proposal.  You can completely customize the experience based on your collective comfort level with the involvement of the staff at the restaurant and public display that you’ll create.

#5. Document the occasion. Find a plausible story to explain a photo shoot of the two of you.  You have a friend who’s just starting out as freelance photographer, you won a photography session for free, you want a gift for your parents – you name it!  You’ll be all dressed up and have a perfectly reasonable excuse to visit beautiful places.  Double bonus – your moment will be caught on camera so you can preserve it forever!

Regardless of what you choose for your romantic proposal, always remember that the love and thought that you put into the proposal are what she’ll remember and what matter the most!

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