The Most Beautiful Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry

A bride’s dress, hair, makeup and accessories are of the utmost importance on her wedding day.  While the guys are often honest enough to admit to being completely baffled by the love affair the ladies have with jewelry, no one can dispute the significance that a bride’s appearance on her wedding day will have for her.  Providing brides with beautiful wedding jewelry is an important part of what we do.

There are several different pieces that are crucial to the perfect array of beautiful wedding jewelry.

Of course at the very top of the list is the engagement ring.  Given the widespread fascination the world has with royalty, it isn’t surprising that oval diamond engagement rings are an incredibly popular choice among brides, since many members of the royal family have gifted and worn ovals. Regardless of a bride’s personal taste in any number of other arenas, the engagement ring is the star of the bridal jewelry ensemble. The engagement ring of course is typically decided long before any of the other pieces.

Earrings are also an anchor piece.  You’ll see the bride’s sense of style and personality shine through here.  Will it be pearl stud earrings?  Simple and classic emerald cut earrings? Dangling, sparkling, chandelier-style earrings?  There are tons of choices and while all have their fans, emerald jewelry is especially sought after – mostly the emerald cut diamond and diamond simulants versus the actual deep green emerald itself, but we do see brides that select emeralds, rubies and sapphires for that pop of color in their jewelry.  This is another fashion trend that royal brides have done much to promote.

Depending in large part on the dress a bride selects, necklaces and bracelets – even anklets can be added to the ensemble.  The neckline of the wedding dress plays as much of a role as the bride’s preferences in the choice to wear a necklace or not.  It also impacts how large the necklace will be and whether it will be a choker style or something with a longer chain. Necklaces for brides vary as much as every other aspect of the outfit.  From a dainty diamond solitaire pendant, to elaborate and eye catching bib style necklaces, a bride has lots of choices when looking for a stunning necklace to accessorize on her special day. Bracelets are very popularly seen as bridal jewelry featuring pearls and diamonds or diamond simulants. Bracelets can be delicate chain styles, tennis bracelets, cuffs or bangles.  This is just one more opportunity for the bride to shine in her very own way.

Typically a bride has a preferred precious metal color and that color is carried throughout the entirety of the jewelry pieces she’ll wear on her big day. If you’re planning to gift a bride jewelry to wear on her big day, you’ll need to know her tastes really, really well and take into account all of the other aspects of her bridal attire.

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