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Flowers have been used across centuries to communicate thoughts and lofty feelings. It was also used to congratulate and compliment people. The practice is present till day. Given both as a primary gift or an add-on, there’s a flower bouquet for every occasion. Today, everyone prefers a quirky and thoughtful gifting idea. So, if you are located miles apart from your loved ones and want to reach out to them, you can do it with flowers as well. Ditch the Skype video calls and WhatsApp voice messages for a while and delve into the world of flowers.You’ll sure find a bloom for every occasion that you can think of.

Sending flowers across borders

Today,sending flowers across borders is easy. Many service providers have emerged specializing in international flower delivery. However, selecting an ace service provider is a challenging task. But once you browse and check the online feedback, testimonials, and reviews, you will be able to decide which service provider is the best for you. Leading brands have come up with a wide range of flowers and bouquet types for you to select. There are also other gift options like cakes, cards, and candles that you can choose from depending on your gift budget and choices.

Reasons to send flowers across borders

There are several reasons and occasions for you to send flowers to your loved ones across multiple time zones and borders. Some of the favorite occasions are as follows:

  • Thinking of you flowers

Nostalgia is an essential element when you are selecting “Thinking of You” flowers. It can be for a friend, lover, spouse or family member. You can even send it to an acquaintance that you hold dear. One of the best options for this is the soft, baby pink rose bouquet mixed with white roses. The entire combination has a sublime feel to it. There’s beauty, subtlety, and affection. Few of the core elements that surround a fond memory or nostalgia! You can select the flowers from an online service provider and have it wrapped in anew-age, chic manner and have it delivered on a chosen date. 

  • “Just like that” flowers

The term “just like that” is all inclusive and it can include any reason.The underlying emotion is joy, happiness and a sense of vivaciousness. No other shade approximates this emotion other than orange. So, you can find the best of the orange color flowers, such as Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Bird of Paradise, Tulips, Gerbera Daisy and many more. One of the best choices here is the Gerbera that displays bright orange color petals which gives a positive vibe that instantly elevates one’s mood. You can add other gift options with this book, such as a thoughtful musical card, a self-written poem, chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and many more.

  • Sending love and strength flowers

We all want a happy life. But not all circumstances in life are happy ones.Sometimes, the death of a loved one, losing a job or separation from a spouse often makes one feel sad and gloomy for a long time. Additionally, relocating from your hometown to another country or city for work or study too can bring about depression. If you or someone in your family is undergoing such a situation, you can send in your love and warmth in the form of a flower bouquet.

Some of the best choices for this include white roses, orchids, and bluebells. White roses symbolize purity and innocence. White roses can impart courage and hope to a person. You can combine both orchids and white roses and arrange a bouquet as well.

  • Congratulations flowers

The occasions that get covered under this category can be many! From wedding to passing high school with flying colors – the “congratulations” moments in life are many. So, if it’s your friend who just became a parent you can use a combination of carnations and roses to congratulate them. On the other hand, if it is someone younger who got his/her first book or research paper has got published, you can opt-in for options like orange or yellow rose bouquets. You can even send lilies and lilacs if you want. Browse online, and you will get plenty of choices to select from.

  • Housewarming flowers

Your best-friend has shifted to her new home! It calls for a housewarming celebration. If you are situated miles apart from your friend, you have the chance to send him/her a flower bouquet and send in your greetings and best wishes. The standard choices for this occasion are carnations or orange roses. But you can always add-in a difference. Why not opt in for a combination of orchids and lilies? The combination of white and violet shades will create a visual appeal one of its kinds. Alternatively, you canal so opt-in for a Delphinium and Lilies combinations. Here the pure white and crystal blue will look impressive on your friend’s living room. You can add more to the bouquet. Since it’s his/her dream house add to the occasion by creating a flower bouquet gift pack.

Once you’ve finalized the flower you can select scented candles, essential oils to out in a diff user, a small and delicate table showpiece, chocolates and a card. Add in all your wishes and loving thoughts in the card and have it delivered to your friend on a given date and time. Nothing will make him/her happier than this.

Today,many service providers specialize in online flower delivery across borders. These new age companies think out of the box and have come up with attractive bouquet and gift ideas for every occasion. So, before you start to decide on the perfect flower bouquet and gifts, browse through their websites to see what’s in the offering. Most of the service providers have everything that you can ask from, regarding the flowers as well as cards. Hence, once you have selected the flower bouquet, the gifts, and the card, you have to email them the note you want to add in the card. They would add in the card and send it to your loved one at a given day and time suggested by you. You can place your order, sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of international flower delivery services.

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