Top 5 Companies with Best Content Marketing Strategies

With content marketing being seen as the future of marketing, everyone is out to tap into this well of opportunities and benefits. Here are the top 5 companies that are ruling the content marketing sphere with their inspired approaches.

1.     Coca Cola

Coca Cola, being one of the most recognized brands around the world, cannot afford to take its marketing lightly. Having said that, it is imperative to point  out that their strategies are often nothing short of stunning.  The “Where will happiness strike next?, ‘Share a Coke’ and their ‘Content 2020’ initiative are among some of the best instances to prove that they are hands down leaders when it comes to content marketing.

What sets them apart from and above the other companies is their compelling story telling and their quality of connecting with the customers. With heartwarming stories, beautiful narration and a purpose that is fulfilled, Coca Cola’s marketing aims for the consumers’ hearts and not just their minds.

2.     RedBull

With over 400 employees all across the world, Red Bull Media House provides a strong content and digital marketing backbone for the brand. Red Bull Media House runs more than 900 domains in 36 languages under and has made its presence very strongly felt. On top of that, it has launched a number of games via Facebook and The marketing strategy of this luxurious brand has got itself an undisputable spot on this as well as many other lists for content marketing excellence; and to its customers, it has given as it claims- wiiiings!

3.     Stanford Graduate school of business

Now here’s why Stanford totally deserves a spot in this list – most importantly it is because they are exactly where they need to be. With 18-24 year olds as their target audience, their presence on Tumblr is one smart move. In fact this is of such simple strategic brilliance, that this move, by itself, proves their credibility. ‘Your daily dose of big ideas, candid insights, and practical takeaways from Stanford GSB’, this blog is very easily accessible for all young adults who are looking for it and can in fact can be stumbled upon by those who might not even have intended to look at the page in the first place. That is what you call smooth. Well played indeed!

4.     EA Electronic Arts

With 1,706,555 followers on Twitter, American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games, Electronic Arts appear to have got it right with their content marketing. With a large following on their YouTube page and an excellent site which can be best described as very visual, it is hitting the right note with enthusiastic customers. They are up and about in creating detailed gamer psychographics and distributing content across every platform, and redefining some amazing marketing.

5.     IBM

The technology giant, IBM was amongst the first to take up corporate blogging and they do that in style till date. With a large number of executives and influencers constantly creating content and updating their social feed, IBM’s content marketing stands proof of their high quality work.  Their engagement in social media and visibility on the internet has been on the rise, and are proving to be an efficient way of dealing with and reaching a very large and diverse audience.

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