Why Electronic Invites Are Gaining Popularity Today

Since the emergence of the electronic era, the focus has shifted from the traditional way of doing things as people seek for convenience in various areas of their lives. One such area that has significantly transformed is the use of online invitations that are gaining popularity today. It is a no brainer – traditional means of sending invitations is fading away as modern service providers turn the tables. Greenvelope is taking the lead in shaping 21st-century electronic invites.

Traditional means of sending invitations mainly relied on paperwork to deliver the message to the invitees. The challenging bit was making errors when preparing these invitations would translate to an extra cost of preparing the invite. Sometimes people could run short of time, which could have significant delay implications on the event. 

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Electronic invites are since becoming more popular for some of the reasons below. 

1. They Are Economical 

Saving on the costs of preparing and sending invitations is one of the main advantages of using electronic invites—the traditional means of preparing invitations required heavy use of paperwork. Moreover, any error made after printing out the cards could mean a fresh print out. Another cost would involve sending the cards in case the recipients lived in a distant place that required sending them via postage. Electronic mail is the solution to all these issues. Any error made during the preparation of the invites can be corrected only with an edit. Further, there are no hefty costs to incur when sending the cards as they can be sent to the recipients with ease without the thoughts of incurring high mailing costs. 

2. Timely And Accurate Delivery 

Even after preparing the cards and sending them via postage. It could be challenging to determine whether recipients indeed did receive the mail. Sometimes, they could miss on the dates of the invitation if they could miss checking out the sent invitation on time. The strength of electronic mail is its power to deliver the invitation via various platforms instantly, and in most cases, all recipients will receive the invitation on time. The margin for the delay is minimal, and it only depends on the recipients’ time taken to check out their communication channels. This often makes their work easier as they frequently check their smartphone devices. Most people today own smartphone devices, and this makes the delivery process instant and faster. For business people, you can use this to your advantage as one of the ways to make your next business event a success

3. Easy For Guests 

People today are past the era of rushing to check for mail in their mailboxes. They are in constant communication via electronic platforms. It is, therefore, easier for them to receive the mail without the strain of having to worry whether any important events are awaiting them in their unchecked physical mailboxes. The more comfortable you make it for people to receive invitations, the higher the chances of having a good turn out to your organized event. 

4. Convenient Updates 

It is easier to give recipients updates with electronic mail. Sometimes there can be last-minute cancellations, change of venues, or change of the time for the meetings for unavoidable reasons. Updating people via electronic mail requires only a click, and the message is sent to all prospective attendees. Giving timely updates on the state of the event makes it easier to protect your attendees against potential inconveniences that might arise without updates at their fingertips. Updating your attendees can increase your chances of running a successful event

5. They Are Neat 

Electronic invitations are neat and mostly with a better appearance, unlike their printed counterparts. With Electronic mail, what you design is what your recipients get. You don’t need to worry about ink distortion from the printing press. You can design beautiful and appealing cards with any color complexion with the assurance that your recipients will receive the invitation in that cute original graphical design. 

6. Reaching A Broader Audience 

Electronic invites place unlimited power in your hands to reach a broader audience. If you are doing email invitations, the only limit is the number of emails in your contact list, which you can always improve so you can reach out to a broader audience with your objective. Amazingly, you can send invites to a global audience, whether they are at the heart of Washington DC or a local village in Vietnam.  

7. Faster Delivery And Faster Responses 

So long as the contacts are correct, delivery for electronic mail is instant. You don’t need to worry about any delays. Some electronic-mail providers can even provide you with a delivery message acknowledging the receipt of your invitation. You can tell whether the receiver has opened your email, from what location, and the time. 

Responses via electronic mail are faster. Once the receiver acts on your invitation either by accepting or declining, you can get instant notifications. Such information is crucial in planning the event with an accurate number of attendees instead of gambling with an uncertain number where they might turn up in large numbers and, in some cases, in small numbers causing inconvenience to you.  

8. Supporting Climate Change Movements

When you use electronic invites, you minimize the use of print paper. Less printing means less demand on paper, less demand on tree logs, minimizing logging. There will be more trees to absorb carbon, and the environment will be good control. The world today is wrestling with high concentrations of carbon that are increasing global warming. The effect is disastrous to the environments with increasing pollution and heat posing a danger to both flora and fauna. 

9. Customization 

You can easily customize electronic invites as per the recipient’s name. Electronic invitation services provider systems provide you with parameters to group recipients and run commands to apply global settings to all invitations you send. It is as easy as composing a standard mail and then using personalized settings to send the invite addressing each recipient with their name. 


Electronic invites’ popularity will keep growing. They help to make more savings and do support timely and accurate delivery. It makes work easier for recipients to receive invites and easy for the sender to dispatch updates. The mails are as neat as design with the potential to reach a broad audience with faster deliveries and responses. The invites are easy to customize and can help support climate change by reducing the demand for paper from trees. 

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