Three things to keep in mind when selecting an FBA Freight Forwarder


Becoming an eCommerce seller on Amazon in 2019 is probably the best thing you’ll do. Last year, a study found out that nearly 43 percent of all sales were being done through Amazon, and this is expected to grow even bigger by the end of this year. 

In fact, Business Insider once wrote in an article that even if Amazon is facing huge competition in the e-commerce industry, it is still the biggest platform when it comes to brand awareness and customer loyalty. Where there is online shopping concerned, no one can match Amazon. 

With such prominent dominance over the online shopping industry, your eCommerce business has the potential to aggressively expand through The site already offers excellent programs for all their sellers, this includes their fulfillment services, the Amazon FBA. 

What exactly is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is fulfillment service by the eCommerce site where Amazon will store your product in one of their distribution centers and ship it out to its purchasers on your behalf. Using this service means you’ll also get access to the Amazon Prime Program which gives your customer free two-day shipping. 

But how do you get your products to Amazon?

While the eCommerce giant is responsible for shipping your products to the customer, you have to get your product to one of their fulfillment centers first. A parcel company might be able to do that for you but it is only a temporary fix. When you start selling a large number of products, shipping companies can become a very expensive option which may limit your growth.

This is where a Freight Forwarder comes in

Luckily for you, there is a very decent solution available for getting large amounts of products to Amazon fulfillment centers. International freight forwarders can help your e-commerce business grow by taking care of all your logistics needs. 

A freight forwarder that provides Amazon FBA service will not only help you save money and money, but your products will also be in good hands. Freight forwarders like FBABEE can help you streamline the shipping process, just like Amazon has its shipping sorted out for its users. Or you can understand everything in detail through third-party service providers who explain FBA prep in the most helpful manner.

But before choosing any Amazon FBA freight forwarder, it is important to keep three very important things in mind. 

They should have experience with Amazon FBA

Don’t just work with any freight forwarder company. You must select the right freight forwarder that has plenty of experience dealing with Amazon FBA because the e-commerce site has very specific requirements when it comes to what they’ll store in their centers. All products need to be properly packaged and labeled which only an expert FBA freight forwarder can provide. 

They should be able to communicate with you on time

Amazon is always on the move and having your product delivered to their centers on time is crucial. You need to work with a freight provider that keeps in touch with at all times and gives you a priority. 

They should have a large network

The ideal freight forwarder should have a large network of partners around the world so they can access multiple shipping lanes. By choosing the right freight forwarder, your business will see exponential growth. 

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