The Top Most Perfect Scenic/Equipped Parking Spots For Motorhomes in Australia

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There’s a reason why Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations amidst motorhome lovers. With its riches of beauty, be it in the form of natural, unadulterated landscapes, incredibly diverse wildlife, or exquisite, modern architecture and cities, Australia is a land just meant to be explored inside out.

And if Australia happens to be a little too far away for you, the best motorhome spirit, traditions, and practices thrive in other beautiful countries, like the U.K., for example.

But if you have your mind set on Australia, we’ve narrowed down this country’s boundless abundance of scenic landmarks, historic parks, and awesome resorts to a list that should serve as a nice representative of everything the Land Down Under has to offer to motorhome tourists.

Ayers Rock Campground

Ayes Rock Campground is just a little over a 30-minute drive from Uluru, Australia’s iconic sandstone rock formation. Uluru is so otherworldly, replete with that distinctive, bright sepia color and barren, unadulterated beauty, one could think this natural wonder actually descended from another planet.

Watching Uluru greet other equally beautiful natural phenomenon like the sunrise and sunset is the stuff of dreams, a view both mountain and beach lovers can shake hands over and just rejoice.

For the fans of the classic American films that take place around Arizona or Nevada, in which the main characters roam the signature, snaking highways that stretch beyond the eyes’ reach, visiting Uluru is an invaluable chance to feel like a real-life movie hero on your very own adventure. In fact, there’s a very good chance your experience and views beat the ones you’ve seen on the screen. `

Kangaroo Island

Visiting Kangaroo Island with your motorhome is the definition of hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do you get to enjoy a scenic road trip, but top it off with a water one.

Kangaroo Island is a short ferry ride from Cape Jervis, and for the wildlife lovers, it’s simply Heaven. Don’t let the name confuse you – even though kangaroos are the most represented species on the island, they’re just a single facet of the extremely diverse animal kingdom. You can get to see little penguins, seals, possums, sea dragons, wallabies, echidna, and more.

Watching the sunrise on this beautiful island in the company of such friends is bound to change your perspective on natural phenomena.

Jervis Bay

As unsophisticated as it may seem, let’s just start with this campsite’s most obvious benefit – it’s free. But don’t get that confused with a lack of value and worthwhile sights. On the contrary, Jervis Bay should be on the “best things in life are free” list.

It’s blessed with the kind of beaches we’re used to seeing on postcards – white sands, lush nature, pristine, mesmerizing waters. There not many palm trees, and instead the nature is more reminiscent of the Mediterranean with an extra dash of tropical flavor. Jervis Bay is simply a little slice of Heaven.

FYI, all state parks in New South Wales are free to park as well.

Freycinet National Park

Tasmania is a worldwide epitome of natural, spontaneous beauty, and Freycinet National Park is one of the island’s most precious crown jewels. The place offers many different routes for people of all ages and walking capabilities, each walk holding a special reward at its end in the form of breathtaking views.

Because it’s such a popular place, camping inside the actual park is allowed for the winners of the ballot that takes place each August. The lucky ones get the chance to set up a camp right next to the Tasmanian sea.

Lane Cover River Tourist Park

For those who like the experiences that take place somewhere amidst the overlap of two vastly different worlds, Lane Cover River Tourist Park is the place.

You get to feel as if you’ve been dropped right in the middle of nowhere, if nowhere was a beautiful park, surrounded by lush nature, yet a short, ten-minute walk to the train station, and respectively another 25-minute ride to Sydney, transports you to the opposite end of the spectrum, where beauty takes a whole different form.

Cape Le Grand National Park

For those who’re in the motorhome game predominantly to relax amidst nature, this park’s seemingly endless white-sand beaches, often voted the best in Australia, are arguably the best way to do it. This place is as untouched as it gets, and swimming and snorkeling in those enchanting waters is like diving into another, worry-free world.

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort

Even the most fervent nature and adventure motorhome wanderer sometimes needs a break and a taste of civilization and conveniences. No wonder there’s even a term for it – glamping.

So, for a little more “glampourous” experience, what better place than the BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort. While it is considered luxurious, it has also managed to preserve the best motorhome spirit and practices in its tasteful and relaxing vibe. The place is classy, but anything but ostentatious.

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort is perfect for families who’re looking to relax, enjoy a spacious, beautiful decor and views, an even grander saltwater pool, and the comfort that emanates from the relaxing music, poolside massages, and the all-around class of this resort. Australia just begs to be explored, just like a motorhome just begs to explore, so by visiting these 7 locations, you can make everyone happy.

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