8 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Turning thirty can be extremely intimidating. We start to feel older, and reflect on how much we have accomplished in the first three decades of our lives. As a thirty year old, you are going to have to put your grownup pants on, and take some really serious decisions in your life. If you haven’t turned thirty yet, don’t worry! Given below are eight things that you can do before you turn thirty.

1. Travel

Imagine living in the same town for thirty long years. You might be content, but there is a big beautiful world out there, just waiting to be explored! You might be caught up in your busy life, but take some days off to travel. Visit a country that you haven’t been to before and experience their culture and rich heritage. If you can’t afford an international trip yet, you can always take a road trip with your buddies from high school.

2. Chase your dreams

Before you turn thirty, you should be on the road towards achieving your dreams. Knowing that you want to be a chef, but working as an accountant from 9 to 5 means that you aren’t doing something that you are truly passionate about. There is a big difference between achieving one’s dreams and chasing after one’s dreams. Although it might be difficult to achieve one’s dreams so early on in life, it would be a good start to realize your dreams and start heading towards the direction of achieving them.

3. Finish that bucket list you made when you were 16

When we were younger, we lived with the hope that life would get better and we can do so many things and travel to so many places. Suddenly, we got so caught up with going to University, being independent, getting a job and paying our debts that we forgot about the bucket list that we had made when we were sixteen. Before turning thirty, make a plan to complete everything that was mentioned in your bucket list, and feel young again.

4. Go to college

College might be expensive, but it is worth it. Education is the key to a successful life, and there is nothing more powerful that the tool of knowledge. Take time off and go back to college. Pick up some classes that might benefit you in enhancing your professional career. You can always work part time and pay off the debts over time. Going back to college can be a wonderful experience to learn something more, make new friends and feel younger than ever!

5. Get fit

At this juncture of your life, it is high time you make an effort to get fit! We all get so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t make enough time for ourselves and our body. Getting fit doesn’t mean enrolling at an expensive gym and going there thrice a week. It means making the decision to take care of our body in the right way. You can join a yoga class, or take a quick jog in the morning, or even do some aerobics in your own room! Getting fit also means that you need to focus on what you eat. Stop ordering take out like you did every night for the past five years. Stock your kitchen with fresh groceries, and try meal-prepping at least once a week. Taking care of your body will help keep you healthy, strong and fit for many years to come.

6. Run a marathon

Challenge yourself to completing a marathon before you turn thirty! It might seem intimidating at first, but with enough practice and sincere dedication, you can do it. The feeling of accomplishment that you will feel at the end of it will be rewarding.

7. Save

When we lay our hands on our salary every month, we are tempted to spend money and buy all the things that we’ve been wanting for a long time. We would give in to that temptation. However, now that we are almost thirty, it is high time that we take a decision to save. Saving is extremely important because you never know when you might need the money. Moreover, as you enter the new decade of your life, there is a good chance that you may get married and have children. It is important to plan for the future and save money accordingly.

8. Learn something new

We sometimes get extremely caught up in our hectic lives that we don’t take time off to focus on ourselves. Now is the time that you do so. Learning something new can be exciting and enlightening at the same time. It could be a new language, or a sport, or skill which might even lead to a change in your career if you like it!

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