The Benefits of Employing a Private Car Parking Enforcement Agency

Managing your own car parking facilities is not easy if you’re a small business. It can even be difficult for large businesses to manage a car park efficiently and safely, whilst keeping it cost effective.

To make the most of your car parking space from a financial perspective, you need to make sure you’re charging customers the right price. This includes enforcing your car parks effectively to ensure people aren’t taking advantage of lax management.

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Car parking space comes at a premium, but it’s also a necessity for customers, workers and visitors. You can have serious problems on your hands if unauthorised users are taking up spaces that are needed for guests.

Managing a private car park properly takes experience and knowhow. Employing a private car parking enforcement agency can provide real benefits to businesses from a financial and administrative perspective. Below we’ve outlined how.

Increased revenue

On paper, the main benefit private parking enforcement agencies can bring to businesses is increased revenue from their parking assets.

By enforcing penalties for users who overstay time limits, agencies can bring in significant revenue increases for businesses who would otherwise manage their own car parks.

With full legal access to the DVLA vehicle ownership database, authorised car parking enforcement agencies can issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to individuals through their vehicle registration details.

This makes it much easier and more effective for a private parking enforcement agency to track down unauthorised individuals, or individuals who have overstayed their limit, for unpaid fines. Normal businesses simply do not have access to the same resources.

The extra revenue from more effective enforcement of parking regulations can then be used elsewhere in your business.

Quick and effective enforcement

Through the use of specialised parking enforcement technologies, such as ANPR, private agencies can help protect private parking spaces from unauthorised use.

Revenue aside, some parking spaces are vital for the smooth operation of a business. Whether they’re spaces for key employees, or spaces which are specifically reserved for important visitors, some parking spaces need to be protected from unauthorised use.

Number plate recognition allows parking infractions to be quickly and easily fined, and installation of additional security cameras can help provide additional security on your premises.

A visible presence of enforcement within a car park can go a long way to making it more secure.

Proper legal compliance

The passing of the Parking (Code of Practice) Act 2019 means that privately owned car parks must now adhere to a strict code of conduct. This includes a number of requirements intended to protect customers and means that adherence to high standards of conduct are no longer optional for car park owners.

Creative Car Park has been a long-time member of the British Parking Association and already follows their code of conduct closely. We’ve seen the UK’s parking regulations change and evolve over many years and know how to make a car park safe, profitable and fully legally compliant.

Correct signage is one of the most important aspects of a fully-functioning, safe car park, and something private car parking enforcement agencies have a wealth of experience implementing correctly.

Fewer staff

Managing and patrolling your own car park can quickly rack up costs through equipment purchases and additional staff time.

A semi-trained member of your own staff will be able to issue notices to unauthorised cars, but they won’t be as efficient or effective at dealing with the problem as a professional enforcement agency.

Not only will a regular member of staff not be as efficient at managing a car park as an agency, time spent away from their regular duties is also time wasted for your business.

Car parking enforcement agencies offer high tech equipment, fine-tuned processes and professionally trained staff so that businesses don’t have to invest in these things on their own.

Minimising confrontation

If you’ve ever been involved in any aspect of car park management, you’ll know that confrontation is an inevitable part of the job.

Tensions can run high when people receive fines for overstaying their parking limit or parking in unauthorised areas, and parking enforcement agencies are usually best equipped to deal with them.

Semi-trained members of a business’ regular staff may not be familiar with many of the intricacies assicoated with parking complaints or unhappy motorists.

Even with a professional parking warden there is still high potential for disputes. ANPR now offers an effective solution to this problem, as it can automatically issue fines for unauthorised parking, whilst reducing the potential for confrontation in your car park.

Parking charge notices will arrive to drivers in the post, after which they can easily pay or dispute their fine.

ANPR also makes the issue of dealing with parking charge notice appeals much quicker, as a record of the incident in question can be quickly reviewed and voided if needed, reducing hassle for all parties involved in the dispute.

Professional appearance

The presence of a professional car parking enforcement agency in a car park also promotes a good impression of a business to potential customers and visitors.

The car park is often the first place a visitor will see when visiting a new site, and a professionally run car park is immediately noticeable.

From professional signage, to high tech equipment and free spaces when needed, the presence of a professional car parking enforcement agency speaks volumes about the way a business conducts themselves.

So why go for an agency?

When it comes to getting the most out of a car park from a financial and business perspective, there are a number of ways in which self-management can fall short.

By employing a professional car parking enforcement agency, businesses can see an improved return on their investment, all whilst creating a more efficient, professional environment for visitors and

Creative Car Park has many years experience implementing car parking solutions for businesses large and small. We are also up to date with all the latest regulations and guidelines, meaning you can expect only the best service for your customers.

If you would like to find out more about the many car park management solutions we could help you implement, please get in touch today.

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