The Top 3 Future Possibilities of Salesforce

More than enough has been talked about Salesforce to fill a couple of books, at the very least. For a galvanising platform that is just about a decade-and-a-half old, that is no mean feat indeed. However, in the past few years, many rival services have been making deep inroads into the integration of CRM systems with A.I. but the main advantage of Salesforce in particular is that from the beginning itself, it has a lot more to offer than the usual generic CRM system out there. In itself, this is the primary reason why so many people have been using this platform for the past several years.


Having stated all of this, it is still worthwhile noting that Salesforce does have a lot of room to expand even at this stage, and the place it is in right now is far from being the zenith of what the platform is truly capable of in every way. What started off as a plan to make just an enterprise CRM has morphed into a multipurpose cloud service provider beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. From the primary question being “what is salesforce crm?” many years ago, it is quite interesting to see the complete evolution and growth of the platform from the very beginning.

With the aspect of the Cloud taking over in many ways, Salesforce was all set to become a primary and multipurpose cloud service provider, which it eventually did. Here are the 3 future possibilities of Salesforce for you to get a good idea of how much room they still have to expand and enlarge their base of operations :-

  • Better A.I. utility: Here’s the thing a lot of people are yet to understand – with more data comes a higher level of complexity. Right now, a great many people are under the impression that the management of Salesforce is a considerably tough job in itself. This is where A.I. technology comes in to save the day by making the accessibility of information easier, plus organising and cleaning data. This will be a significant opportunity to add the required services around all of the data points.
  • The provision of specific network services: Salesforce has been able to expand into completely new categories with the help of acquisitions. However, what is still left is the fact that with the help of their platform and Dreamforce  conferences, they have already laid down the foundation for the build-up of a network.

    With the creation of a new network, this could help them own the network and data layer above their sales and marketing clouds, paving the way for an exciting new future.
  • Turning its gaze on International markets: This is a big bold step that is yet to be taken. Pretty much everyone is aware of the fact that Salesforce initially grew out of the United States, but now it is all set to expand overseas in every possible way. You can be sure of that fact. By making a deal with AWS, they have expanded their partnership considerably and they have already built their second database in Japan. With increased usage across the Asia-Pacific region, growing their own data bases gives them an added advantage of providing better services to more geographical regions.

Even till today, Salesforce still enjoys the position of having a continued reign in the realm of SaaS with no signs of slowing down in any way. However, that itself will depend on just how well they will be able to keep up the rate of innovation with regard to all their related products and offering more in the aspect of cloud solutions. This is where the ultimate test of time will decide whether Salesforce continues as the number one option for many more years to come or not.

With the release of Salesforce Einstein in 2016, rest assured that all the necessary A.I. technologies have been brought to the very forefront of their huge range of products, making it easier for the creation of A.I. powered apps. With one of the primary goals being making the use of powerful technology easier for people to use, the twin aspects of the use of A.I. along with the creation of A.I. apps are fundamental in making that happen. There are no two ways about that fact.

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