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The Salesforce Data Loader is a force to reckon with when it comes to reliable data transfers. Since its inception, this feature has grown very popular among middle-sized and large data users. The CRM tool is easily integrated and comes with admirable features. However, that doesn’t leave out the fact that there are other data loaders besides this one. So when should one opt for Sales Force Data Loader? What might compel you to choose this data management tool over the others? This data management feature will prove effective when one needs;

Handling of Large Data Files

One major advantage of Salesforce Data Loader is that it allows for handling of larger data volume. With this system, you can load up to 5million records without the slightest complications. This makes it such a suitable option for those with advanced data transfer needs. It is fast and reliable enough when it comes to importation and loading of larger files.

Data Loading Automation

This particular data management system allows for automatic execution of data loading processes. Sometimes, you might want to schedule certain data transfers at given times. Data loader platforms like https://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ allow you explore that option with the least amount of effort. It is easy to understand the scheduling settings and specifications. With precise comprehension of the requirements, you can easily automate the data loading procedures. Doing this doesn’t need your computer to be on because the system is cloud based.

Easy Monitoring Process

If you want a data loader that allows for easy monitoring of executions, Salesforce data loader would be an ideal choice. It gives you a clear view of the number of successfully imported rows. Next to this, you will be able to view the number of errors or futile importations. As part of the monitoring process, you will be able to see the list of reasons responsible for different errors. This eases the procedure making this loader a perfect choice for those in need of a detailed monitoring process.

Effortless Importation Features

The salesforce data loader allows easy importation of data through a variety of manageable features. The mapping feature available enables performance of mathematical calculations and the combination of two source columns into a single mapping field. It also supports multiple import tasks making it fast and undeniably reliable.

The data relation feature allows for easier importation of related files. As such, you will not have to import accounts and add ID’s for every operation you perform. The loader will easily do this for you. You will love the data-splitting feature that makes data importation even easier. With this feature, it is possible to load data from one CSV file to other multiple related sales objects at the same time.

It’s never been this easy

Other reasons that should make you to choose this data loader over the others include ease of access, need for reliable backup, and data synchronisation services. Handling data import and export has been made easier with this reliable tool.


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