Top 10 Crucial Softwares For SAAS Startups


SaaS startups are disrupting several industries thanks to genius products, very dedicated and skillful team and by using other SaaS startups product to boost their productivity and efficiency. SaaS acronym has been massively used since few years and has been first introduced by Salesforce. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a revolutionizing way to put software accessible to customers over the internet, using the cloud-computing technology. SaaS companies are emerging everyday with new concepts, ideas, and foolproof softwares to make companies business more prosperous.

What matter is to determine which softwares can have a true impact on your team productivity, team efficiency, customer retention, or business profitability. Here a list of top 10 vital softwares for your SaaS startup to make your business more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

  1. SLACK

Slack as a mix between Facebook group feature and google Hangouts in a single & unify platform. Originally built to improve internal communication between co-workers, Slack is also now used for external communication to advertise product/service in targeted Slack communities. Slack is the number one communication tool in the market nowadays. Users can set up private chat group for each projects in the startup, or join public groups, through web, desktop and mobile app as the platform is a cloud based solution. Last but not least, Slack has also a super user friendly interface, easy to use and nice to work with.  Slack is the solution to build or improve your communication in your SaaS startup.


Salestools is a cloud based platform that help B2B companies to skyrocket their sales by generating very targeted and accurate outbound leads. is a foolproof platform helping salespersons to extract contact info on professional social networks (Linkedin, Xing, Crunchbase, Github, Viadeo, Twitter) in order to maximize their sales campaigns. Indeed using Salestools save 45% of sales rep prospecting time and gather up to 80% verified email address. This lead generation platform is integrated with more than 70 CRM (Salesforce, Sugar CRM, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and so on) and can also export leads on CSV files to make sales prospecting as easy as possible. This very customer friendly software is a game changing tool for SaaS startups either for their sales, recruiting or marketing campaign.

  1. ASANA

ASANA is a tasks management cloud based software used by various SaaS companies such as MailChimp, Stripe or Lyft to manage & track team work project from start to finish. Asana is a very flexible tool that enable users to create projects, set deadlines, assign tasks, build subtasks and comments on each of them. Very high quality design software with the latest cloud based technology to make teamwork deeply efficient.


Buffer is crucial for every SaaS companies to build, manage, forecast and analyze their social activity. SaaS startup need social media to exist in our today’s digital era as they cannot rely on physical interaction with their audience. Buffer offer a very easy & customer friendly solution to manage, schedule and share posts at any time on every social networks. Schedule and re-share your post as many times as necessary, everywhere and whenever! Excellent tool if you are a SaaS company and want to be present all around the world as your valuable content can be shared while you are sleeping. Amazing isn’t it?

  1. Determ

Determ is your brand reputation tracker best friend! It helps you to monitor and track millions of websites and social media profiles where your name is mentions. Knowing who, where and on which platform people talk about your brand, product, team is essential to create or improve your marketing strategy. Get Determ notification as soon as someone mention your name somewhere to react immediately.

SaaS startups will enjoy the tracking and analytic feature to highlight relevant figures, trends, reviews in order to improve their digital brand reputation. Secret tip: Track your competitor’s mentions in order to adapt your marketing message.


Intercom is a key software for user management and customer service. SaaS companies has to be reliable 24/7. Today’s customers  want to have a very precise and immediate information. Intercom propose a very simple tool to manage users requests, feedbacks and create tickets for each interactions you have with them. It also allows you to be in touch with them through email or in-app notifications. The user interface is well email design & foolproof and once you start using it, it will soon become something essential to manage your customer requests.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM, leader of the cloud based CRM, propose a very customizable platform that fit perfectly all SaaS sales management needs. Super stable, the platform provide real-time customer information, insights and analytics in one single place with customized dashboard.   Sales SaaS companies start existing when they are integrated with Salesforce, which means that new business softwares are first integrated with this CRM. It offers a great opportunities in order to increase business sales productivity and efficiency.


STREAK offer a very nice design email tracking solution for your sales, marketing or recruitment campaigns. Personalized each steps your leads are passing through and stop missing opportunities. This tool help you to manage your deals, support queue (and more) inside Gmail. It combines multiple external systems in a single platform so call Streak. Share contacts, email, files, and anything else needed with all members of your team to get the job done! Free and simple to integrate, this software helps thousands of SaaS startups to track their leads in real time.


Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform allows Startups to attract visitors, engage them over time, measure and maximize marketing investment. Marketo helps as well to plan and coordinate marketing effort across the overall team.

Marketo is transforming the way companies are driving personalized, lifelong and meaningful relationships with customers and companies alike and converting visitors into customers evangelists. It helps you in your digital marketing operation and give you opportunities to build and improve your SEO strategy according to your inbound performance.


Aircall is a phone system built for SaaS teams. Aircall lets you engage and manage in real time customers phone interactions and distribute them across your support, sales or marketing teams. Aircall connects all call information with CRMs, Helpdesk, Slack and many more softwares such as Pipedrive, Zendesk, Salesforce and so on.

Each of those softwares are essential for SaaS startups to increase team productivity, find new opportunities and manage real time customer relationship. Boost your business using the right tool with the right team. Best practices on how to build a SaaS startup team in the next article!

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  1. Great list! I also work for SaaS startup and we love use Slack and Intercom 🙂
    I would also recommend tools like Heap for mobile and web analytics and for real time internet monitoring and analyzes – great tool for marketing and pr, but also for getting leads! Worth to try and consider adding to the list 🙂

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