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As we enter what seems to be the next phase of instant phone technology we have no choice but to move along with the throngs. Hand held devices as we know them started out with only a hand full of applications and that quickly changed until there are now hundreds of different apps that can be downloaded on an instrument that can be smaller than a wristwatch. Consumers look to their Androids and iPhones as their prime source of communication and entertainment.  It helps them keep abreast of the news as it happens, while  maintaining constant contact with their friends and family. Others depend on their phones to play games, watch videos and anything to keep their fingers tapping.

Mobile apps have made multi-tasking simple and certainly when it comes to banking and finance, they seem to move in a world of their own.

In fact, when it comes to finance, mobile use has become an integral part of all areas of trading and investing. Investors look to the mobile internet to avail themselves of the necessary information needed when researching monetary information and before opening an account with a broker.

When it comes to Forex,  brokers have developed trading platforms with mobile capabilities in order to accommodate their clients who are always on the run and need to make quick decisions from wherever they are. The platforms are usually identical to those offered for web trading but often they offer even more features that the web platforms.

There are many apps that provide up-to-the-minute news as well as financial analysis. Expert financial advice and relevant articles help investors to make the right decisions and there is no shortage of apps that provide this sort of information.

But not all Forex News app are alike and many are limited in the features they provide.  The Forex News and Analysis app hit the market several months ago and it has everything a Forex trader needs. Daily Forex is not a foreign exchange broker,  so this is not a trading app nor does it have trading capabilities. Instead, it provides many of the features of a web-based broker review site but is also packed with up-to-the-minute news reports and fundamental analysis of what is happening in the financial markets around the globe.

The Daily Forex app is good for anyone interested in making money in currency trading and looks forward to a daily dose of currency news as well as constant updates effecting  major currency pairs. Traders receive free Forex signals and trade alerts to all registered Daily Forex members and these have proven beneficial to all those who need to understand an upcoming trend in the markets before they place their trades.

In the world of finance apps, the app of Daily Forex is a must have.

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