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The baby boomers were born in an age when the world was reeling from the shock that was the Second World War. They didn’t really have access to anything remotely resembling a mobile phone. Even now, these people are in their late 60s and still getting used to the dramatic advances in technology that the world has made. From black and white CRT TVs to the world of 3D and 4K displays, they have truly seen it all.

Buying a cell phone for someone born in this era can indeed be a hard task. Most of these people have a deep mistrust of any electronic device that can talk back to you. Considering that Terminator was released when they were in their 20s, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all. The infographic below will direct you on how to buy cell phone options for your favorite seniors without them finding it hard to use the cell phones.

If you don’t want them throwing their brand new iPhone 4S down the toilet, make sure you follow the instructions in the fun to read picture guide here:

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