Answers to Some Burning Questions about Forex Scalping Strategies


Forex trading has caused a storm across the globe due to its extensive opportunities and availability to almost everyone who understands the basic concept of scalping. Still, there are many with limited knowledge about various forex scalping strategies.

Trading forex without its knowledge is a quick way to lose all of your initial capital and destroy a great chance to expand your personal finance. Those who have been trading forex for some time grow accustomed to terms like indicators, trading sessions, and of course scalping. Scalping in forex is not very different from day trading. It is possible only in the presence of reliable liquidity, execution speed, and low spreads. So basically it is similar to day trading but takes place at a faster rate in a smaller environment.

Many traders have a lot of questions in their minds regarding scalping before they attempt forex scalping strategies to profit from it. Below we shall find answers to such questions.

Q.1: Are forex scalping strategies profitable?


If your goal as a forex trader is to make short-term profits during your trade sessions then applying forex scalping strategies as your primary strategy can be immensely useful to you. When forex scalping is done efficiently, it can bring quite a profit to the trader. But people who can bear the risks of forex scalping are advised to proceed with it. Otherwise, avoiding these strategies and continuing with a long-term trading session is more advantageous for some forex traders.

Q.2: How to perform forex scalping successfully?


Scalping is something that even beginner forex traders come in contact with after spending some time trading. Forex scalping strategies require dedication, time, and effort for their successful implementation. Those who are new but willing to involve with forex scalping need to have some qualities such as

·         Ample time to research and test strategies

·         Ability to accept losses in the beginning

·         Quality of making the right decisions when trades are losing

Q.3: What is the best time frame for scalp forex pairs?


Implementing forex scalping is all about choosing the right parameters and calling the shots at the perfect time. Expert forex traders usually prefer a particular time frame to scalp currency pairs. This time frame lies between 1 and 15 minutes. It is important to note that unless you consider all of the fundamentals of forex scalping, there is no “best time frame” to help a trader out. The 15-minute time frame is seen as the least favourite time frame for utilising forex scalping strategies.

Q.4: What are the basics of forex scalping?


Usually, forex traders who wish to start scalping as soon as they can, tend to forget the basics of forex scalping and experience losses. No matter which forex scalping strategies a trader ends up implementing, the basics remain somewhat the same for all. It has to be a short-duration strategy to scalp a small amount of profit (normally 10 pips per trader). This kind of strategy needs to be used frequently by traders if they are aiming to gain more profit from each of their trades in a fairly liquid market.

Q.5: What are the risks in forex scalping?


Forex scalping is a good strategy that traders can perfect at their own pace while gaining profits from short-term trades provided that the risk is managed properly. At first, when forex scalping strategies work, it brings excitement but because of that feeling, many inexperienced traders forget the risks. While trading trader’s capital is always at risk because as gains are magnified so are the losses. Small profits made at the end of each trade are not sufficient to meet the trader’s financial goals at times.

Q.6: Which is the best indicator for scalping?


The exponential moving average (EMA) is said to be the best technical indicator according to experts in forex scalping because it has a quick response to price changes. EMA appropriately points out the buying and selling signals from historical price fluctuations. EMA makes small movements easier to achieve by traders without increasing their risk exposure.

The aforementioned information can help traders perfect their forex scalping strategies efficiently.

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