How To Make Money Online For Beginners in 2024: (Without Investing A Fortune)

The pandemic has made many people sit at home. People are now working from home and students are studying from home. And then there are beginners who are not yet working or just finished their education and looking at how to make money online for beginners. It is understandable with the situation that we are all facing. The fear of stepping out is making many people stay home. But worry not, you can make money online even as a beginner. 

There are various ways to make money but the most convenient and comfortable way is to do it online. Won’t it be perfect if you could comfortably sit at home and earn money and enjoy life? If you are wondering how to make money online for beginners in 2024, you are at the right place. We will help you with ways in which you can earn money without leaving your house. 


Are you worried about how to make money online for beginners without investment? We will give you all the answers you need and much more. Some ways to earn money online are easy but some have their own challenges. Being consistent is a sure shot way to make money online irrespective of whether you are a pro or a beginner. 

We are here to provide you with 10 actionable ways that will get you money online in 2024 without having to invest much in it. It might seem unrealistic or unbelievable that you can earn lots of money online but it is true. It will also give you the freedom to work from anywhere, home, while traveling or from another other part of the world. But it does require consistency and effort. You can either take it up full-time or do it alongside a regular job to earn some extra cash. We provide you 10 ways to earn money online for a long time and clear off debts or simply use it to have a good time. 

10 Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners Without Investing

Read along to find out how to make money online for beginners from anywhere and enjoy your freedom along with cash. 

Video Editing 

man doing video editing

Video editing is great for making money online and is best suited for beginners. It can be done from anywhere and without revealing your identity. There are a multitude of people engaged with video platforms like YouTube and more that require basic video editing. This requires video editors that can help content creators to deliver their content on such platforms. 

It is fun and if you have previous experience with video editing it can be a bonus. If you take up this task of video editing it will involve editing videos and organization of content in a systematic manner as per the requirement of the content creator. 

Find a Niche and Start a Blog

women doing blogging on laptop

Finding a niche and starting a blog is a good way to make money online for beginners. It could be any niche that interests you and you can write about. Some of the popular choices for blogging are : 

  • Fashion
  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness 
  • DIY and crafts 
  • Tech 
  • Travel 
  • Web Design 
  • Politics and News 

Creating a blog for any of these above niches is a good way to begin with. You can also generate more income with affiliate marketing, ads and / or you can also sell any items of your choice. Google’s Adsense offers clickable text links that also brings in monetary benefits for bloggers. 

Blogging can be a challenging field but it will generate income in the long run. There are about 8 % of bloggers that are making full-time income, according to a recent study. Learn how to make money with Income Artist.

Create a YouTube Channel 

Create a YouTube Channel 

This is another cool way to make money online. Youtube is a flourishing platform and there are many people who consume the content available there. YouTube pays money to the content creators on their platform if you qualify certain criterias. It also allows YouTubers to add ads to monetize their content. 

You can start a YouTube channel without much investment as there is no charge for creating an account on YouTube. All you need to do is register and upload videos. It does need constant content for increasing the viewership that will ultimately give you monetary rewards. 

Many earn around $100 per day and more depending on how many subscribers you have. It can vary for each individual YouTuber. 

Start a print on demand business

Start a print on demand business

POD(Print on Demand) is a lucrative way to earn money online. It is a business where you can custom print anything on shirts, bags, skirts, t-shirts and other items. You get to design and sell items online on platforms like Etsy, Shopify or eBay. Many POD business owners use designing sites like Canva to design. 

If you are worried about how to deal with all the orders? Printify will help you deal with it. All you have to do is upload the designs you created, select a supplier and set a price. Printify manages all the orders and you pay them for their services. Your customers will order your designs through Printify. 

You can use social media platforms like Facebook to promote your business and make money online without investing a fortune. 

Remember that the quality of printing determines the quality of the products. The print quality depends on the type of printing that will be used for it. Choose the type that suits you and your products the most, be it screen printing, DTG printing, heat transfers, DTF transfer or cut vinyl.

Sell Graphic Design Services 

Sell Graphic Design Services 

If you are artistically inclined, this can be a great business idea for you to make money online. Graphic designers create flyers, brochures, logos and many such things. You need to have some basic knowledge about Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create designs. 

Sites like Behance and Dribble are great platforms to show your love for design and your creativity. It is an opportunity to let people know about your designs and get them to contact you for it. Another good platform is Fiverr, where people can hire you for your services.

Selling graphic design services also includes little investment but higher returns. It is good for beginners to learn about business and earn money for their work. 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

Many people are unaware about virtual assistants as a job profile. It is a job that entails remote working for a client. A virtual assistant assists a client with multiple tasks  that could include ordering something online, making a call, sorting travel plans, replying to emails, document assortment and much more. Virtual assistants for blogs might also write content for it and handle comments that come on the blog. 

A virtual assistant requires certain skills like being able to handle multiple tasks, good computer knowledge and excellent communication skills. 

The pay range for virtual assistants who are just starting out can be anywhere between $15- $25. It can also be more if you have some experience in this field. Upwork or Facebook groups are where you should look for this opportunity. 

Become an Instagram Influencer 

Become an Instagram Influencer 

Instagram has taken the world by storm. It is not just for sharing your photos and videos but it can also be a place where you can earn money online. Instagram influencers earn money based on their large following and how they can influence people. 

Brands generally pick a high-engagement Instagram influencer and make them mention it here and there in their posts in return for money. Even if the brand does not pay direct money there are other perks like gifts, sponsored travel, exclusive services and much more. 

For becoming an Instagram influencer, one has to focus on increasing followers and engagement. Then move on to look for sponsorship and create posts. Being consistent is the key to success for Instagram or anything for that matter. Another important aspect about Instagram is following the trends and being relevant to current times. 

Would you like to know how much Instagram influencers make?  Some influencers make around $1000 for one post but there are others that make more than that as well. It depends on how influential you are. 

Create and Sell Stock Photos 

Create and Sell Stock Photos 

If you have a knack for photography, consider this a creative way to make money online. Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia and many more are great platforms where you can sell stock photos. It does require a bit of editing skills to sell quality photos. 

Good quality photos sell better on such sites. It is also important to know what type of photos are high in demand and create photos around that niche.

Wondering how you get paid? Each time someone downloads a photo uploaded by you, you earn money. A good practice is to have multiple photos uploaded on such sites to increase the chances of your photo being downloaded. This way you can earn more money. 

Become a Tutor 

Become a Tutor 

Check out websites like Chegg if you are good at teaching any subject. It is one of the best ways to make money online as a beginner and with no investment. Chegg is an educational platform that offers users to sign up for subject tutors and learn subjects like English, Math , Science and many more.  It can get you $20 for an hour as a tutor on Chegg. 

Freelance tutor is also a good option where you get to look for clients on your own. Teaching the English language online is another great option and you can do this by getting qualified with an online TEFL certificate.

Becoming a tutor requires one to have a strong hold on a particular subject and good teaching skills. Wyzant is a site that can be used to build your reputation as a talented tutor. Wyzant helps its users to find tutors in their vicinity for a particular subject. 

Rent your stuff 

Rent your stuff 

Another good money making option for beginners is to rent out your stuff. It doesn’t require much investment as you rent out stuff you already have. It doesn’t require complicated business skills as well, this works in favor of beginners. 

Sites like FriendWithA allow you to rent your stuff on their portal. There are many of our belongings that we no longer use or don’t like anymore but are in good condition and can be used by somebody else and can be rented out. 

There is no limit to what you can and cannot rent. It can be anything from a laptop to utensils or furniture and much more. You would be surprised to know how many people would want to rent out your stuff once you start renting stuff. 

If you are worried that somebody will damage your stuff, worry not. FriendWithA offers insurance plans as well, just in case you suffer any loss or damage of products.  This keeps you protected and your stuff as well. 

Final Word 

With this we hope you are no more wondering about how to make money online for beginners in 2024 without investing a fortune. These above mentioned ideas work well for beginners as it doesn’t require much in terms of money or education. All these can be done online and allows you to earn money and enjoy your freedom as well. 

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