Take advantage of Digital Marketing to Impact Your CBD Business

So by this time you have probably acknowledged the empowering market CBD has become in the last year. It is trending and maximizing its way into different niches. After the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, on December 20, 2018, the hemp legality shaped up. This legislation allowed the cultivation of hemp, removing all restrictions regarding the possession and transportation of hemp-derived products which includes CBD. On a federal level, the Farm Bill has detailed no restrictions over transporting or selling the hep-derived products as long as it sticks to the guidelines, for example: cultivating without a license or production of cannabis with more than 0.3 THC percentage.


So you figured you want to start your own business on CBD products, ranging, from tinctures, edibles or vaping oils. Yo have envisioned a business with great potential, but there is still one big question: How do I attract my future clients? Other than attracting future clients, the doubt of figuring out how to do this on a budget, or for free!

There is no denying marketing is the strength supporter behind any business. Ever thought about the many ways we can successfully market different kinds of companies? There are plenty of channels in which we can directly target our audience with specific messages, from traditional billboards or page-turning journals. Luckily we’re living in the digital era, where marketing has shifted in ways we never imagined.

Here are 4 marketing tips to market your online CBD products online. These come in with tools that maximize outreach, and end up costing little to nothing when compared to the future success-revenues:

1. Define your products, brand and your niche on your site

Your website is basically the shield and sword of every knight int the Internet world. It’s most likely people will go over your website before even considering if they are interested in buying your CBD product. Why? Well, people really want to check out what the product promises, what is it good for and is it really worth their money. Make sure your website has different angles about your product. Below are a few points to highlight while creating your brand and ultimately your website. You wouldn’t want to miss any of them once your site is live and running:

Keep in mind that the manufacturing process is the defining process of your final product. Making sure quality, believable and necessary precautions on hemp-derived CBD productions are followed. People would want to make sure they’re buying a believable and legal product (since cannabis has obtained an infamous role).

Make it a priority to establish your brand’s DNA. It’ll really give you an idea of how to settle its packaging, visuals, tone, and design. After settling this down you will have a clear view of the direction you want to take with your new CBD brand.

After this, It is important to establish the USP of your products! Some questions you might want to ask yourself are: How do they differ from the competition? How does it make it exclusively important? By positioning your brand you will encourage prospective clients to identify your brand without any doubts, even when there are other similar products in the market. All in all, how does your brand benefit your customer, or how does it guarantee benefits to their health––this will also help on defining when it’s the right time to recommend to your customers when is the right time to recommend CBD to your customer even if it’s related to pets or humans.

Establishing your niche is equally important. Once you’re in this position you might want to think about the structure you want to establish in the market. Do you want to direct your products to a younger audience, for pets or recently retired elderlies?

Good marketing comes with the idea of acknowledging that marketing itself comes in different ways, shapes and sizes! In its packaging, the perfectly combined ingredients in the CBD tinctures, who is the product directed to, it’s website and the tone it projects. All these are minimal yet high impacting assets in the marketing path. 

2. Marketing Platforms

Social media and e-mail marketing are relatively affordable ways to create engaging campaigns. With e-mail marketing, you could scrape thousands of people from different parts of the city, countries, and regions. Remember the best tip you can take from e-mail marketing initiatives are to grasp your audience’s attention with exciting subject lines and engaging copies in the body of the e-mail. If you’re talking about CBD for prospect clients, you might want to add a percentage off as a CTA. People would most likely check out your website.

It’s important to keep in mind the guidelines each social media platform has over CBD regulations, they vary depending on the content and their advertising guidelines. Instagram is great to upload quick informative videos or brand awareness content. You might want to explore how to use a product before actually buying it, and videos are great ways to do this from a B2C perspective. Instagram is amazing for influencer campaigns!

To reach highly targeted and engaging audiences CBD brands are partnering with social media influencers. They are known as being the founders of the latest trends when it comes to lifestyles and holistic health practices. Influencer marketing is a great way to keep your audience interested, contrary to paid ads, which are usually ignored. Many people think of them as being annoying and a bit creepy (hence the cookies)! For this reason, influencer opportunities have arisen and become so popular. The user gets to experience product awareness while following users that are actually interesting to them.

3. The CBD-igital Era: SEO Building

 Oh, how times have changed! The internet is flushed with different kinds of online stores, websites, information, and articles referring to the benefits or the usefulness of hemp-derived CBD. You might think this is a bad thing, but it’s actually really good! If you ever look up “CBD uses” online you will get a few great sources that detail how it your health.  SEO building reduces to great keyword search. It is pretty simple: if you want to get good rankings in the google search, you need to get Google approval to do so. This is naturally built on backlinks, something very similar to an essay being backed up with good, relatblae soiurces in your bibliography. There are many tools that can help you decide which website is good worth paying for a backlink. Many website admins or editors have kits that define the benefits of your payment. The average is $50 to $100. Always try to verify the stats of the sites’:

  • Domain Authority
  • Organic Traffic
  • Readers
  • World Rank
  • Google Rank
  • Citations
  • Source

This helps by saving you money since you wouldn’t want to pay a website that covers daily tips for newly-weds when your end goal is to rank your CBD products. It’ll also give you perspective on what site is good enough to help you boost your organic traffic and resourcefulness in backlinks.

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