Why Social Media Integration Is Crucial For App Developers

What cannot be argued is the insane rate at which the quality and quantity of mobile apps available on the app market have improved. Today, the app market is well stocked with over 3 million apps and that number is expected to increase even further in a few years.

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The consequence of such progressive figures is that an up and coming mobile app development company would find it a bit challenging to get a look in. Such is the competition in mobile app development today that even the better-established app companies are forced to regularly come up with innovative ideas to stay relevant.

Luckily, the demand for quality, innovative apps is as high as ever. People all over the world are trying to make their lives a lot easier and any app that could help is always well appreciated. Hence, you’ll always have a willing pool of users waiting for your app to reach them, this is where social media integration comes in.

Social Media Integration

When businesses realized they could reach more people on social media platforms, social media marketing became a no-brainer. Today, social media integration is everywhere. From blog sidebars featuring live twitter feeds to digital articles with share buttons. It is, therefore, no surprise that a mobile app development company could also benefit from it. What social media integration can do for you is to help improve the promotion of your app. This includes increased usage, better exploration by users and an easier way to share with more people.

Benefits of Social Media integration

Improved Connectivity: What better place to showcase your app to the rest of the world than on social media? The major advantage is that you have access to an almost limitless number of current and potential users of your app. Hence, you may interact, share ideas and give a better overview of your app’s features and how users can enjoy it’s benefits to the fullest.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: App users always have an idea of how they want their ideal app to look like. This is one of the key reason developers make regular updates on their apps. Sometimes, there are a few bugs here and there, a few ideas that could make the app a lot easier to use. A simplified interaction between a mobile app development company and it’s app users can help the company to determine what areas they need to improve on, what bugs they need to fix and what other changes users would prefer to produce a better app.

Improved app Promotion: As earlier stated, the mobile market has become increasingly competitive. With so many apps on the market, it will take a lot of effort to get your app across to more people. Luckily, social media integration helps with that. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of others, you can reach more people and improve your app’s popularity. This is especially helpful for up and coming mobile app development companies. Coming up with an innovative idea is one thing, getting the rest of the world to know that your app exists is another. Hence, a very potent strategy like social media integration is required to work hand in hand with an excellent app idea to produce the desired success.

It is Cost Effective: There are a few other strategies to get your app across to the rest of the world. However, what you can be sure of is that it would be difficult to find any other strategy that is as cost-effective as social media integration. You basically don’t have to spend a dime to showcase your app on social media. Owning a social media page is as easy as signing up. A wise mobile app development company will accept that no other strategy can produce a better ROI than social media integration.

What to Prioritize in Social Media Integration

To get the best out of social media integration, it is important for a mobile app development company to prioritize some of the more beneficial strategies.

They include the following

Videos: If you really want to convince potential users that your app is worth the hype then there is no better way than to show them a video of how it works. Posting short clips of your app that shows it’s features and benefits will help engage your users and promote your app.

Engaging Contents: While creating engaging contents may not be as effective as videos, it is still a valuable way to reach out to users. Your content must be well thought and impeccably delivered. Also, it is important to note that people are not ready to read long sermons. If you’re going to describe the features of your app, find a way to describe them in few sentences. Well-Written content can help improve your app’s visibility and convince people to try it out.

Connect with Your Audience: Try to reply to their queries and answer their questions. Sometimes, users find it difficult to get the best out of an app because they simply can’t grasp the app’s functionalities. Engaging your users will help improve your app usage.


Whether you are a mobile app development company or a freelancer, what is important is to find a way to get your app the exposure it needs to improve downloads. While there are many apps appearing on the app store every month, the truth is that many of them are almost identical with only a few difference. Hence, the difference between the mobile app development company getting millions of downloads on their apps and the one who does not ultimately boil down to a better awareness strategy. This is the exact problem that social media integration can solve for struggling app developers.

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