How to Start a Business While Traveling the World

It’s the millennial dream: doing what you love (in this case, traveling) while earning money doing it. But the sad thing is that it’s not a comfortable thing, this whole leaving your stable job, and your cozy apartment, and your current setup in general. But if you really want to see what life is all about and travel the world while earning money at the same time, here are some important things you have to learn.

Identify What You’re Good At

Not everyone can be a blogger or writer. Some people, despite years of studying for a Creative Writing degree can’t write articles to save their life. That’s a fact. So before you start with your journey, you must know what you’re good at.

If you are good at marketing, then go that route. If you aren’t sure where you’re good at, look at where your interests lie and start with there. Remember: it’s easy to study anything under the sun, especially if you’re interested in it. So if you didn’t take a creative writing degree but you’d like to be a writer, there are lots of online courses that can help make your dream come true.

Be a Likable Person

Let’s face it. If you want to travel the world while making a living from it, you have to be a genuine person and a genuinely likable person. You have to be the kind of person who radiates positivity and has a go-getter type of personality. You have to be willing to rough it out but you also need to be able to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

You want to know the reason why? It’s because when you know how to network, you can be with like-minded people who can propel you to start your own website or online business. People who are genuine are often approachable as well so you can be sure that you can attract the right people.

Learn How to Code

If you want to be an online entrepreneur, you have to learn at least a few basics when it comes to handling a website. Everything from domains, hosting, and ads can be learned online. Some people even go the extra mile and enroll in online classes. But if you don’t have time for that, you can simply outsource.

Be Disciplined

When the whole world is your office, it’s tempting to wake up late, eat breakfast, then go surfing, and go back to sleep. This is why you have to be a very disciplined person if you want to be an online entrepreneur.

Know Where To Cut Corners

If there’s an important life skill you have to learn, it’s this: knowing where to cut corners. If you love shopping for clothes, it’s very easy to take advantage of a few sales every now and then. But habits such as this one can put you at a disadvantage later on. So even seemingly important necessities such as clothes shouldn’t be careless purchases but well thought of purchases instead. Here’s a tip: go for quality over quantity.

Be Good With Handling Money

Your daily cappuccino indulges may seem like a small thing, but, when you look at the bigger picture, that’s about a few thousand dollars’ worth of coffee for a year. You could’ve saved at least a thousand bucks by opting for home-brewed coffee (or limiting your caffeine intake altogether). So even before you leave for good, you have to practice how to handle money properly. Now I am not asking you to cut corners and forego your daily cuppa, but of you are really bootstrapped, then every penny counts.

Learn Where To Spend Money On

Along with knowing where to cut corners, you have to know what you need to spend your money on. For starters, you need high quality backpacks, shoes, and clothing if you want to travel the globe. Investing in people who can work for you is also a good place to spend your money on. Think of the long-term returns when you want to spend a huge amount of money.

Find Out Where The Good Deals Are

You have to be a savvy Internet user and know where to find the best deals are. Whether you’re scouting for plane tickets, hotel rooms, or travel packages, you have to know where to look.

Take Advantage Of Exchange Rates

A lot of online entrepreneurs take advantage of exchange rates. (In a good way, of course.) If you earn in US dollars and live in Brazil, your cost of living will definitely be lower. And this can help you save more money in the long haul. The trick is to make the most out of your time and resources so you get the best of both worlds.

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