How to Carry out your Business Travel on a Budget

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Many people have a fantasy of business travel as flying first class and enjoying five-star business dinners on the company credit card; however, unless you are the top executive for a high-value organization, most people are unlikely to enjoy this level of luxury for their own business travel. If you do have a budget to stick to, how can you fulfil your necessary business trips whilst demonstrating a high level of professionalism and trust to the other industry professionals you are meeting? Here is how you can carry out your business travel on a budget.

  1. Shop around for travel deals

Often, the travel logistics required in getting to your destination can prove to be massively expensive, especially if you are traveling to a location that is not close to a major transport hub. Take some time to research budget travel options using a price comparison site to help you find the cheapest way of getting to your destination. If at all possible, you should also consider being more flexible in your travel plans, for instance, traveling during off-peak days and hours and having stop overs, as these tickets are often cheaper than direct routes.

  1. Stay in cheaper hotels

When booking a hotel room for your business trip, don’t simply book the first one that is recommended to you – you may end up paying more than you need to. However, this isn’t to say that you should stay in a budget hostel in a dorm room with shared bathroom; with some research, you are sure to find a reasonably priced hotel in your location that is clean and has all the amenities you require for a comfortable stay. Tripadvisor is an excellent tool for comparing hotel prices. Alternatively, you could stay at a budget chain hotel specifically designed with business travelers in mind, such as Holiday Inn. Also, check for specials on hotels’ own websites.

  1. Use a consulting service

As a busy business professional, you may not have the time to spend trawling through price comparison sites to find a good deal for airplane tickets and hotel rooms for your business trip. Business consulting services can help to remove the stress when planning a business trip by working with you to develop a travel program specifically designed to fulfil your needs. This will provide you with a road map for ensuring that all future business travel is booked at competitive rates designed to fit in with your budget.

  1. Dine mindfully

Food and drink can leave a huge dent in your travel budget, so make sure that you dine mindfully. Ensure that you don’t miss out on your hotel’s complimentary breakfast, and you could perhaps ask staff to prepare a packed lunch for you. Alternatively, visit a local supermarket to buy supplies that can be quickly and easily prepared, like sandwiches and fresh fruit. This is cheaper, and often healthier, than paying for expensive restaurant meals every night of your stay.

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