Software Must-Haves for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Experts all agree: the 21st century has totally changed the face of entrepreneurship. With that change comes new challenges that it’s important to face, like choosing the right software to power your business. Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or looking to expand your business and build your brand, we’ve got the list of must-have software applications that you’ll need to grow the right way.


1. Secure email. Email is the primary way that business communicate with clients, customers, and partners. If you’re like most businesses, it’s likely you’ll be discussing sensitive information over email, like payment information and business plans. Making sure that that information is safe and secure is a top priority. Try using a secured or even encrypted email like ProtonMail to manage all your business communications.

2. Time management software. As the old saying goes, time is money. It may seem like you have a good idea of how long various business tasks take, but without a data-driven way of tracking the hours spent on each task, you might be losing valuable time that could be optimized. It’s useful to invest in software that will help you track the time you and your employees spend on different tasks each day.

3. Scheduling applications. In keeping with the time management optimization theme, maintaining a tight schedule is essential to an effective business strategy. One way to get a handle on when various tasks are due is to use a scheduling program.

Applications that allow you to see your month, week, or day organized by tasks and how long each should take are essential to planning your business in a way that aids growth. Plus, if you’re falling behind schedule, you’ll have an easy way to reorganize and reprioritize without going back to the drawing board.

4. Insurance claim management. Many small businesses invest in insurance solutions to help protect valuable assets. While this is a smart way to start, the savviest businesses go a step further by using claims management solutions. Mitchell software products, for example, are a useful way to process and manage any insurance claims made against your company.

By keeping all the relevant information at your fingertips, you are better able to see what areas need the most attention. If your line of work involves hazardous labor or a lot of driving, this insurance claim management is even more essential.

5. HR management software. Managing HR items like medical insurance, time off, sick days, or employee complaints can be a hassle. Luckily, there are companies that offer HR solutions, like Zenefits, that boost your productivity by easily handling many aspects of human resources online. Entrepreneurs have limited time, and sometimes, HR can use a huge portion of it.

When you efficiently manage benefits, onboarding, and employee time off online, you’ll save money on payroll expenses, as well as energy that could be spent managing other aspects of your business.


6. Grammar assurance software. Clients and customers want to deal with a business that communicates correctly. When you send off emails, write copy for your website, or put together contracts with business partners, you want to represent your business in the best possible way.

A huge part of that representation is whether your business communications are written in proper English. Using an app like Grammarly to double-check emails is a smart and convenient way to ensure that your business puts its best foot forward on all its communications needs.

7. Secure banking. Entrepreneurs want to know that their money is being kept in a safe, secure, and easily-accessible location. While brick-and-mortar banks are useful in some cases, having access to crucial financial information online can be a massive bonus for any entrepreneur who needs to stay in-the-know.

Secure banking

Don’t settle for any service that doesn’t let you immediately view your balance, transfer to other accounts, or deposit checks from your phone. Switching banks can seem like a hassle, but trust us, switching to a bank that allows full online access to your money is worth it in the long run. Entrepreneurship in the 21st century requires adept and clever use of software. Ensuring that your business stays up to date on the latest software must-haves is a crucial step in staying ahead of the competition.

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