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As the reliance on information technology continues to grow in the business world, entrepreneurs are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to expand their small businesses.  This is especially true for efficient communication and information sharing, which remain the primary IT functions for businesses.  Historically, the programs that were designed to streamline these functions have been too complicated for the general computer user to utilize, and have been too cost prohibitive for the small business.  But now, this process is finally being simplified with Google Apps.


What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a software suite that offers a simple alternative to the complicated process of collaborating online.  Both the programs and the files they create are stored online, so users do not have to worry about using their own hard drive space to install programs and store files.  Since the files are stored online, team members can easily collaborate from different locations.  Storing files online also keeps important documents safe from the viruses, malware and hard drive failures that easily destroy data on client computers.  Many Google Apps are available for free, although enhanced versions are available for a low fee.


Apps For Small Businesses

One of the most important Google Apps for small businesses is Google Calendar.  With this program, businesses can easily post important dates online for employees and clients to see.  These calendars can be easily integrated into a company’s website, allowing users to view important information without requiring them to sign into a Google account.  Calendars can also limit access to specified individuals.  Google Calendars can also be linked to reminders for the iPhone, and calendar for the iPhone, which makes it a great business iphone app.

Full access to Google Docs is also provided.  Google Docs is a software suite that is full of valuable programs for use in the office.  These programs allow users to create text documents, presentations, spread sheets, and much more.  Support for popular file formats is provided, allowing existing files created in other programs to easily integrate with its Google counterpart.  Files created and edited in Google Docs are ready to be shared with other team members or turned in for final processing just as soon as the final changes are saved.  Just like Google Calendar, access can be given to different users to modify or change as needed.

Small businesses can even develop a website for its operations using Google Sites.  This program allows entrepreneurs to quickly set up a website for the Internet without typing a single line of code.  Professional templates are provided as a foundation and a procedural process walks users through the steps of customizing a template to meet their own specific needs.  This includes choosing a domain name, adding pictures and text to specified areas and even selecting keywords that will optimize the site for search engines.

Communication is also streamlined with Google Talk.  This program allows users to communicate with each other online via Google’s messaging program.  Users can communicate using text, voice, and even video.  If a user is not available, messages can be saved online and reviewed later.  The program is also available in different forms.  The program’s full capabilities can be utilized on desktop computers and even some smart phones.  The text version is automatically integrated into Gmail and every Android phone.


Mobile Entrepreneurs

Accessibility is another important factor for small businesses and is a central aspect behind Google Apps.  If a device is capable of accessing the Internet, it’s also compatible with Google Apps.  Although the full extent of features will vary among different devices, the basic capabilities are provided across virtually all platforms for easy access.  So whether a team member needs to make some quick changes from their personal computer or a supervisor needs to review a document on the go from their mobile phone, everyone has access to the files they need when they need them with Google Apps.


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