Why Corporate Calendars are a Time-tested Means of Advertising to Get More Customers

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Out of the vast array of popular marketing tools we know, something as simple as a corporate calendar will get you noticed in an inexpensive way. What’s more, these calendars can be customized to feature your logo, company mission and vision among others. Customization is key to getting potential customers knowing about your company and what you do.


The Uniqueness of Corporate Calendars in Getting you More Customers

It’s interesting that every time people go to the wall to book an appointment or even look up for a particular date, they find you! Even desk calendars put you in front of everyone visiting the office since they hardly miss the site of a nicely designed calendar on top of the CEO’s desk.


Even when you’re not creative enough to imagine how your corporate calendars should be designed, simply leave the task to the people who design them. These people handle the layout, binding and finishing in a way that reflects the true essence of your company. If you like, you can order in bulk and distribute them across your friends or network of business associates.


These calendars are often given out as free gifts during Christmas or Easter holidays (together with company cards) to make customers feel special about being appreciated by your brand. Furthermore, while all design aspects are taken care of, issues of durability with your desk or wall calendars are not compromised. You’ll find that your calendars are bound with high-quality wire, then completed with hungers and thumb cuts, so you can go on and hang them with pride. Finishing options are diverse, and all this contributes to the durability of the marketing tool you are using to reach potential customers.


So, Why Print Them In The First Place?

It’s a fact that everyone needs a paper calendar, even though people rely on electronic calendars/diaries so much these days. You might opt to write it down in your diary so that you don’t forget about that particular appointment. However, you could do pretty well if you had that appointment in full view of weeks and months, in front of you in the form of a desk calendar.


With nice pictures engraved onto them, you are sure to capture people’s attention every time they sit on their desks. And because customization is possible in every way, you can always hand in your very own company images to be printed on a high quality paper for a calendar – a good content example you should include in your calendar is in this golfing network.


You can see that the link above is displaying members of a golfing organization in perfect solidarity. The picture and overall design speaks volumes of words in the shortest time. That’s what your calendar should look like, but in paper form.


In short, when you have your very own customized calendar, you’re sending out a message to potential clients that you’re serious, organized and successful – always ready to do business. Then every time someone uses the calendar, you expose to them who you are. The vivid image can’t come out of their mind when they see you every time. And even if they don’t pay attention to the message, they will certainly remember the name of your brand when it’s being mentioned somewhere.


Corporate calendars are also considered a unique and priceless gift that can only expire when the year ends. So in other words, you’re advertising for free in the next 365 days. What’s more, they can be customized by month to month. This means that you can always leave your personal signature, unique to every season. You can leave a personalized seasonal greeting come December.


While people pay for costly advertisement channels to get their message out there, you can still utilize these old, time-tested methods of putting up ads without really screaming the word ”ad” to potential customers. The uniqueness of corporate calendars is that you are telling customers who you are without really coming out too strong, or coercing them like what happens with regular ads.

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