Essential Apps for Small Business

If you are running  a small business, chances are you are always on the go.  As a result, you do a lot of business on your mobile phone.  Here are the essential apps needed for all small businesses.  Some of them are free, some of them cost money, and some of them were apps and are now built directly into phone such as the iPhone.


quickoffice iphoneQuickOffice

If you are dealing with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations every day, you need a powerful office suite.  QuickOffice is that answer to the iPhone and Android.  What makes it so powerful?  It has many of the features of your stand alone office programs in the palm of your hand.  Also, you can open attachments from your email into QuickOffice, and you can attach QuickOffice files to your emails, all from your phone.

QuickOffice also has some handy features to sync documents from your home or office computer to your phone, which allows everything to be in one place.  QuickOffice does come at a hefty price for an app – $30.


To-Do or Reminders

Before the iPhone iOS5, there was no handy built-in to-do list feature.  As a result, many to-do list programs started popping up.  One of the best ones is also the simplest one – To Do.  To Do is free, and it is just a simple to-do list.  It also categorizes everything by “urgent”, “normal”, or “low”.  This allows you to sort out your various thoughts.

twitter iphoneNow, with the iOS5, the iPhone has a built-in reminder program.  This program is great because it is robust and yet simple.  It allows you to categorize your reminders, place a date on them, and it will alert you when they are due.  Also, it syncs with Google and Microsoft Exchange, so you can have the same list on your phone, at home, and at the office.


Staying Up on Social Networking

It is essential for small business owners to engage and interact with their clients online.  Social networking is a great way to achieve that.  As a result, it is essential that you update your Facebook status and tweet what you’re doing while you’re on the go.  Both Facebook and Twitter have great apps to quickly and easily allow you to update your status and what you’re doing.

Still confused about what yo do?  Well, if you’re working on a new project, post some details to get customers excited.  Have an actual jobsite?  Post a picture of the progress that you are proud of.  Not only will existing customers see this, but so will potential customers.


Readers, what other apps do you consider essential for small business?


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