Six Massage Therapy Types and the Benefits Of Each

When you visit a day spa for a massage, there are many different types to choose from, and each variety offers different benefits. Before having a massage, determine what mental or physical health problems that you want to alleviate with a professional massage. Here are some of the types of massages that licensed therapists offer to their clients.

Massage Type 1: Chair Massage

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If you want a quick and easy massage that doesn’t require disrobing, then a chair massage is appropriate. You will sit in a special chair that leans forward so that your knees rest on supportive devices and your forehead is against a soft device. The therapist will focus on your shoulders, neck, arms, back and head to provide these benefits:

• Stress relief

• Headache reduction

• Muscle pain relief

This is a fast massage that lasts 30 minutes or less.

Massage Type 2: Prenatal Massage

With a physician’s approval, a female can have a prenatal massage during her pregnancy. The body changes throughout pregnancy can lead to an assortment of problems in the back, hips or abdominal area. A knowledgeable therapist can perform safe prenatal massage that offers these benefits:

• Back pain relief

• Relaxing tight muscles

• Soothing tender joints

During prenatal massage, a woman will sit in a special chair that leans forward, or she can recline on her side. Some spas have tables that have a cutout for the abdominal area so that a woman can have a back massage. This type of massage will last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Massage Type 3: Thai Massage

If you want to have a vigorous massage, then request a Thai massage from your favorite licensed therapist. This type of massage provides these benefits:

• Energizing your body

• Increasing your blood circulation

• Improving the flexibility of your joints

This is an active form of massage that requires you to move into an assortment of positions so that your limbs are stretched. You will remain clothed for a Thai massage that will last from 45 to 90 minutes.

Massage Type 4: Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage originated in Japan as a type of bodywork that will offer a variety of benefits that include:

• Reduction of muscle tension

• Overcoming a headache

• Alleviating mood disorders that include depression or anxiety

• Promoting emotional calmness

You can have a full-body shiatsu massage, or you can request a localized form of treatment for certain areas of the body. This type of massage does not require disrobing and it lasts for one to two hours.

Massage Type 5: Trigger Point Massage

If you have an injury or an illness, then trigger point massage from a licensed therapist is an excellent choice. Discuss your health problem with the therapist first to enjoy these benefits:

• Reducing muscle pain

• Increasing blood flow

• Promoting faster healing

Some therapists will have you disrobe for a trigger point massage while others will allow you to wear your garments throughout the massage. This variety of massage can take as long as two hours for a full-body treatment, but the amount of time required for localized bodywork is less.

Massage Type 6: Deep Tissue Massage

When you have chronic muscle or tendon pain, a deep tissue massage can provide relief for your body and mind. There are some of the benefits from this type of massage:

• Reduction of anxiety

• Alleviating joint pain

• Encouraging restful sleep

For this massage, you can disrobe to recline on a padded table, or you may remain partially clothed. A deep tissue massage requires 60 to 90 minutes.

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