Should You Try Arcade Games for the Whole Family?

An arcade at home consisting different games.

Just the word “arcade” seems to elicit a lot of emotions from certain audiences.  I know I spent a lot of my childhood in arcades, playing the games for hours until my parents had to come looking for me.  It was something that I loved to do.

Nowadays, it is harder and harder to find that sort of experience.  Sure, there are some venues still dedicated to it.  That being said, capturing that same magic is almost impossible, especially considering that a lot of the games have been modernized in those establishments.  It does not feel the same!

Is there a way that we can reclaim that part of our pasts though?  What about introducing it to our children and families (when applicable) or our friends?  Thankfully, there are ways that we can bring them into our own homes.  Today, I will offer you with some tips and tricks on how to do this!

The Basics: What is an Arcade Game?

There are several different definitions of them, so that is why I am starting here.  You can find some basic details on this page for a place to get yourself acquainted:  Essentially, they are game machines.  Most of the time, we find them in public places.  You may have seen them in malls, for example.  Amusement parks are another surprisingly popular space where we can still find arcades – it is unfortunate that the ticket price is kind of a waste if this is the only thing you want to see.

There are many different classic games that many of us are familiar with.  However, they are not the only options.  I always try to test out at least one new game when I do go to play some games.

Making an Arcade at Home

This is where things get a little tricky.  How can we create a space that emulates a public one while making it welcoming and fun for the whole family?  Well, part of it is creating the right environment.

Neon lights are one method, as well as darker walls or decorations.  You could get fun game themed lamps, even.  There are a lot of options out there, so explore!  Try out a variety of things, and you could even try out a website that lets you design a room if you would rather have an outline before you purchase the items for sure.

As far as the game selections, there are plenty of family arcade games to choose from.  The internet, of course, has many options.  You could also look at online resellers or refurbishment shops to find some of your favorite classics.

Personally, I think that a mix of the more antique style and the newer machines is a great balance.  That way, you can have fun playing the ones you are familiar with, while younger members of a family can enjoy the newer ones too!  Having that variety lets you experiment with what you enjoy, too.

Is it Worth it?

So, one of the concerns that many people have when it comes to creating this type of space in their homes is that it can get quite expensive.  I totally understand that worry.  After all, even looking at pages like this one, you get the sense that this equipment is going to be quite pricey.

I will not lie to you – creating the most optimal gaming rig out there is a pretty penny.  However, that is far from necessary if you want to make a family game room.  Enjoying fun nights together does not require top of the art equipment.  Rather, investing in games or consoles that you know everyone will be able to enjoy is probably the better choice.

So, if you take that approach, I will say that this is certainly worth it.  First of all, you can have a lot of fun with it yourself.  After all, hopefully you are picking some arcade boxes that you like to play!  If not, I would recommend revising your list. 

Second, it gives you a great chance to connect with family members or friends.  It is easy to assume that the virtual world automatically sets us further apart, but that is not the case!  Rather, there are plenty of collaborative games that we can play together.  Even watching others play can be a joy when everyone is together, talking, and telling jokes.

Finally, it can help you and your kids hone your hand-eye coordination.  It probably seems a bit pedantic to mention here, but I wanted to bring it up since that is one of the biggest perks of playing video games in general!  Build up those reflexes while having a great time – it is hard to ask for anything better than that, in my humble opinion.

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