The Human Workplace Perspective – The Future of Great Leaders

The world is changing, and with it, the workplace. We are currently living in a huge innovation period. Transition is happening. Robots and other automated tools are changing the way we work for good, and the future of great leaders are also evolving.


What does it mean to be a leader in the workplace today? How is this type of workplace leader different from the leaders we’ve come to know in the past? The real answer lies in human workplaces. Today, too many employees feel like nothing but a cog in the wheel. They’re just a number to huge corporations. They’re replaceable by either a machine or another ready-to-go professional just waiting at the door.

In a human workplace, there is no replaceability. Leaders value people for who they are and what they’re able to contribute to their role. They’re not treated like just another number, they’re treated as people and this makes all the difference. In this article, we’ll outline what makes this new generation of leaders so influential in our changing world.

The Evolving Workplace

First, let’s outline the changes facing today’s workplace. Anyone who’s worked in a professional setting in the past 5 to 10 years can relate to these changes. While some workplaces are slower than others, no place has been completely unaffected by this transition period. Here are some of the biggest changes:


First, more companies are outsourcing workers than ever before. Both large and small businesses are outsourcing, whether they let a third party handle their marketing or they hire freelancers for specific products. A reported 57% of businesses in the U.S. increased the use of outsourcing, and this number is only rising. As more businesses outsource, the role of full-time employees changes.


Another big change is the rise of automation. More and more businesses of all shapes and sizes are automating tasks that would have been time-consuming in the past. From payroll to marketing, automation is ultimately good news. While it does adjust roles, it gives new workers the ability to focus on creativity, strategy, and other non-automated tasks.


The world of hiring in itself is changing. Today, most employees find positions online. Most of the hiring process in itself is also becoming automated. A startling 90% of Fortune 500 companies use some kind of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to keep track of applicants and find top candidates quickly. Learn more about Applicant Tracking Systems to see how they can be of use for you, and to learn more about those software solutions that improve recruiting process.

recruiting process

The New Future of Great Leaders

Now that you understand how the workplace is evolving, it’s time to talk about the new leadership roles. Today’s leaders are different. They don’t blindly demand things of their workers. They use compassion, creativity, and understanding to bring the leadership qualities out of those working under them. Here are the qualities of our new era of great leaders:

Soft Skills

While we think about the importance of “hard skills” like technology, marketing, and so on, we’re actually entering a new time of soft skills. Skills like critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving are more important than ever. Today’s leaders are equipped with these soft skills in order to overcome new challenges.


Another important quality is confidence. Today’s leaders need to be confident in order to make the right decision. Things move quickly. There isn’t time to think over every possible scenario. Leaders need to act fast, and that’s where this confidence really shines.


Humility is how today’s leaders make all the difference. They’re able to not only show when they know something, but admit when they don’t know something. They roll up their sleeves and get to work with everyone else when needed. They ask questions and learn from those around them.

Team Player

Last but not least, leaders today are team players. They’re excited to work with others of all backgrounds, and they’re welcoming to newcomers. They build up the leaders of tomorrow and they encourage those around them to do better.

Become Today’s Leader

Are you ready for these changes? Whether you’re an aspiring leader or you’re hoping to make a difference in your own workplace, there’s a place for you in this changing world. It’s true that times are changing, but that doesn’t have to leave you scrambling to find your footing. As long as you’re developing these skills above, you’re moving in the right direction.

Have you noticed these changes above in your own workplace? Have any leaders stepped forward? It’s time to be the change that brings your human workplace to life.

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