The Sleep Habits of Highly Successful People

The Sleep Habits of Highly Successful People

Although you may think that highly successful people sleep less and work more, this is not entirely true. The benefits of sleep are not even overlooked by such people, as healthy sleep allows them to work better. Good quality and quantity of sleep are essential for staying motivated and focused. Of course, at times, it is not possible to get a good night’s sleep due to an underlying condition, but there’s always some kind of solution to it. For instance, if you suffer from anxiety, a specifically engineered Mela weighted blanket for better sleep can be an excellent one-off investment.

Moreover, it is commonly believed that around 8 hours of sleep is healthy. However, you will be amazed that most successful people sleep for around 5 to 6 hours on average. It also differs from person to person as some people tend to work better with less sleep while others are more productive with more hours of sleep.

Nevertheless, we have mentioned the sleep habits of highly successful people in this article. Read below to discover!

  1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates used to pull all-nighters frequently when he worked hard to develop Microsoft, as he thought sleeping was for the “lazy ones”. However, that made him lose focus. As of today, he sleeps for around 7 hours per day.

  1. Jeff Bezos  

Jeff Bezos is well-known as the founder and CEO of Amazon, and his efforts have allowed him to significantly grow the e-commerce industry worldwide.

In order to feel super energized and productive, he has determined that sleeping around 7 hours a day helps him stay focused. He prioritizes his sleep and makes sure he doesn’t compromise on the quality of his sleep.

  1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the first-ever African-American President of the United States of America, and even as the president of the USA, he used to go to sleep by midnight and wake up early in the morning by 7 am. As of now, he sleeps around 6 hours a day.

  1. Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, believes that sleeping even a little bit less than his “normal” sleep hours makes him get his work done less than average. He also feels quite grumpy if he doesn’t sleep well.

He usually falls asleep at 1 am and wakes up by 7 am. Therefore, he gets around six hours of sleep every day.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Austrian-American actor and film producer used to sleep a lot more (about 9 hours a day) when he was younger. He told in an interview in 2018 that as he grew older, he felt that he needed to sleep less. Now, he sleeps for six hours whenever he dozes off, and it’s enough for him.

  1. Floyd Mayweather

Boxing was the center of the world for this famous former professional boxer. As the boxing events typically take place late at night, he has become a night owl. However, he still sleeps for around nine to ten hours.

He goes to bed at 5 in the morning and wakes up by 1:30 in the afternoon to ensure his body is well-rested and recharged for the day.  

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