7 Client-Wowing Events You Can Host During a Private Jet Trip

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Private jet charters represent a great opportunity to engage with a captive audience, especially if you want to make a big impression on your clients. There are a number of big events you can use as an excuse to get your clients on board to chat, build a relationship, or even negotiate.

Work Conferences

If your company is participating in a big conference, use it as an opportunity to invite along some of your clients. While on the jet, you can provide quality food and drinks, offer to introduce them to your connections at the conference, and arrange for dinners at the best restaurants in the area.


If you are attending an exhibition or trade show either as a presenter, vendor, or just an attendee, bring along your clients. Like with conferences, you can offer to make introductions to people in your network as a nice gesture. If they are going to negotiate with a vendor you know, you can offer to help establish a relationship to help.

Product Launch

If your company is holding a new product launch, you can invite to fly your big clients by private jet. When you meet them, you can give them an exclusive preview of the product and the launch and answer any questions they might have in a more private setting.

Important Meetings

If you are flying to one of your or your clients’ offices for a big meeting, bring along your client if possible. You can talk about the upcoming meeting to get more prepared on the way there, arrange to have lunch or dinner while at the meeting, and share your thoughts and conclusions on the flight back.

Sport Events

For big sporting events you get tickets to attend, you can bring your big clients to go with you. If they’re a big fan of a particular team or athlete, you can adorn the jet with their colors. Get signed paraphernalia for them, and if possible arrange for them to get special experiences at the event.

Incentives Trips

If you reward your top employees with private jet trips, consider also including your clients. Introduce them to show your clients how capable your best and brightest are, especially if the employee did any work for projects related to the client.

Birthday Parties

Whether someone high up at your company or one of your clients have a birthday, you can make it an occasion with a private jet trip birthday party. You can make it classy and entertaining, let the client enjoy themselves and strengthen your relationship with them.

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