Running a Startup in the Healthcare Field? Here’s How to Bolster Your Credibility


If you’re running a startup or business from home on a part-time basis that involves the healthcare industry in some way, you’ll need to be credible. Healthcare business clients feel more comfortable when working with people who understand their needs, and have some useful knowledge/experience, or academic credentials that relate to the broader healthcare industry.

Let’s look at how to bolster your credibility as an entrepreneur connected to the healthcare field.

Advice for Entrepreneurs involved in Wellness / Fitness

While it’s not specifically necessary to become a fully trained fitness instructor, it’s helpful to look the part. Let’s say you run a fitness or wellness blog; putting an image of yourself online to personalize the site can be very effective. This is even more so when publishing YouTube videos sharing your story, experience and how your site can help its visitors.

When there’s some overlap between the website and the healthcare field – perhaps through the recommendation of appropriate products relating to wellness or fitness gear – it’s useful to seek qualified advice. Certainly, sharing information from personal knowledge is fine, but paying guest writers from the health, wellness and fitness arena lends more credibility to your business. It also demonstrates your desire to provide accurate and authoritative information to readers too.

Stick to Information Where You Can Quote Your Source

Providing useful information comes across as more authoritative when facts are backed up by links to the source material. When potential clients observe that the person behind the business believes in providing honest information based on peer-researched academic papers, they tend to be more confident in dealing with them.

For instance, when talking about psychology as it relates to achieving fitness goals, or being in a positive mental state to perform better at work, link to relevant research on the subject of positive thinking, mindset, and the benefits of being a goal-oriented person. This lifts any related product recommendation beyond mere platitudes to something credible. Any healthcare industry professional will appreciate the extra effort in this regard and positive word of mouth is likely to follow.

Study a Related Healthcare Degree

Studying for a modern academic qualification like a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree puts you in the heart of the healthcare profession. It’s a course of study that opens the door to becoming a healthcare analyst or clinical data analyst if you enjoy the data-driven side of the healthcare profession.

The MHA course studied at Boston College is completed predominantly online, which allows you to continue running your own business to generate a livable income while studying in your free time. Upon graduation, it’s possible to work full-time within the medical profession, however, there are also part-time opportunities you can take advantage of too. The depth of knowledge from this type of degree translates well to a healthcare startup as well.

It’s good to know that the MHA degree job trends are extremely positive; in fact, it’s one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. job market. Analytics company, Burning Glass Technologies, tracked over 70,000 job vacancies for positions relating to health care administration during the majority of 2017 which is a great sign for employment and job flexibility too.

Whatever type of health-related startup you might be thinking of, or currently run, the more credible the communication, the greater likelihood of success. Taking on professional industry guest writers for a company website and studying for a health-related degree are both excellent ways to provide accurate information and recommendations.

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