Repairing Damaged PDF Files for Dropbox Users

Using our solutions or a specialized program, you can repair PDF documents if they become unreadable or corrupt. It’s crucial to troubleshoot the cause first because sometimes the reader or the system itself can be the issue. Perhaps you’re curious about learning more about one of the specialized applications that can help you in pdf recovery as a Dropbox user, continue reading or go to – for any device and operating system (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows) and – for Windows only.

This article will explain why PDF files become corrupted or damaged as well as various pdf repairprograms for Dropbox box users.

Reasons why a PDF file Could Become Corrupt in Dropbox

1) Errors During Download

There are some issues that could happen when downloading a PDF file, ruining the file. An unreliable internet connection is one of these mistakes. It might also be the result of a concurrently occurring download being interrupted. To reduce these dangers, make sure you have a steady connection before downloading any files.

2) Using Incompatible Software

A PDF file may be corrupted if it is attempted to be opened or created using incompatible software. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize the appropriate software, such as Adobe PDF reader, to open PDF files.

3) Encoding by Some Email Service Providers

Email service companies occasionally encrypt large files, including PDF ones. As a result, transfers will happen more quickly. However, they won’t be decoded on the receiving end, making them appear corrupt, which is the issue here. Sending large PDF files as zipped files with compression is advised to prevent this.

4) Hard Disk Problems

The most frequent errors here are hard disk crashes. A slight crash causes some data to be lost. The PDF file would be damaged and unopenable if the missing data were a component of it. The file could even be completely lost on the hard drive. Many factors can lead to hard disk failures, but the following are the most common ones:

  • Unstable power supply
  • Missing or fading sectors
  • System errors

Ensure Your Disk Functions Correctly Before Creating or Receiving a PDF File.

5) Attacks by Viruses

A computer file is attacked by viruses and other malware, which either modify or overwrite it to corrupt it. Your PDF will be corrupt if it is one of the impacted files. A current antivirus program should always be installed on your computer, especially if you frequently use the internet or external storage.

6) Opening the Same File with Different Software

Although it is less frequent, scientists have determined that it is one of the potential causes of your PDF file’s corruption. Every software you use to open a PDF file performs a few very small adjustments so that the file will fit the software’s user interface. If you repeatedly open the same file with different programs, it will eventually undergo major changes and become corrupted. There are a lot more factors that could cause PDFs to be lost or corrupted. The good news is that you can still retrieve the file even after it has been corrupted or lost.

Ways to repair damaged pdf for dropbox users. Recovery Toolbox for PDF, fix any number of logical errors

While you may restore damaged PDF files using a variety of online tools and services, Recovery Toolbox for PDF stands out. The Recovery Toolbox is our top suggestion for dropbox users who need to recover PDF files. It makes an effort to fix the damaged document, extract the data, and save it in the newly recovered file.

  • Compatibility: The program works with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Alternatively, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and later. The PDF document can even be repaired online.
  • PDF Contents: They consist of the document’s text, graphics, multimedia, tables, and forms.
  • Base Structure: The document catalog (Type, Version, Extension, Pages, Outlines, Threads, and Metadata), the trailer, the cross-reference table (XRef), the header, and other elements are among them.
  • PDF Parameters: They provide the size and specifications of the PDF file. The document’s default parameters can be manually specified.
  • Metadata: The program will attempt to retrieve them after reading the font type. Embedded PDF metadata such as title, author, subject, keywords, copyright information, and more are also included.

Step-by-Step Guide for the PDF Recovery Toolbox

The program is simple to use and intuitive. Just a few options must be adjusted, and the PDF file version and embedded metadata must be verified. Here are the detailed steps for recovering a damaged PDF file.

Step 1

Download and install the pdf recovery toolbox here.

Step 2

Launch the Recovery Toolbox for PDF software after installation. Choose your damaged file from the Open File dialog box and then choose the Open option.

Step 3

You can change the default file parameters for the application (Tools > Options), such as paper size (A4, Letter, or Custom Size), page orientation, and other details like width, height, and units. In the event that the original PDF document is empty, you must manually configure these settings.

Step 4

After you’ve chosen the file, Recovery Toolbox will begin inspecting the file.

  • The document’s header is scanned to look for offset markings on parameters, internal cross-link tables (XRef), and other deleted things.
  • In an effort to identify data, it reads internal cross-link tables and attempts to extract information about the page format from the document.
  • It attempts to extract and save any embedded metadata and fonts into the output file.
  • It reads the hyperlinks and text stream and thoroughly analyzes them. Then it will attempt to extract multimedia assets like graphics.
  • The recovery process includes notification of any errors. If every record is accurate, you’ll get the message “No errors found” in green; otherwise, it will show the number of errors in red.

Step 5

When you’re done with the analysis, choose the location and enter the file name. Recovery Toolbox will automatically end the file with the _repaired suffix. Next, select the destination folder by clicking the Open button.

Step 6

The recovered file can be saved in any PDF specification between versions 1.0 and 1.7. It’s crucial to keep in mind that numerous new features were included with every updated PDF standard. Any third-party applications usually adhere to the most recent specification but are always backward compatible.

You can choose a different specification by clicking the drop-down menu, while Recovery Toolbox will recommend the output PDF file version. Next, save the file with the current specification if the source file is seriously damaged and the app is unable to determine the version (version 1.7). Finally, turn on compression by checking the box next to Enable compression.

Step 7

A report on the most recent rehabilitation session is presented in the final phase. In addition, the recovery process’ date and time, the file name with the source and destination paths, the number of objects processed and saved, and other details are included.

Data Recovery from the PDF

A straightforward tool called Recovery Toolbox for PDF was created to repair corrupted and unrecognized PDF files. The clever proprietary core uses sophisticated document analysis capabilities to correct a number of logical mistakes made during conversion, printing, or for other uncontrollable reasons.

See if the software suits your needs by trying it out. The cost of the app is reasonable at $27 for personal usage or $45 for business use (business use).

1) Online

Online PDF repair tools are available in the pdf recovery toolbox. But you must first provide your email address if you want to fix PDF files online using Recovery Toolbox. Visit for pdf repair online.

The Recovery Toolbox will begin to restore and resource your file after you upload the PDF and provide your email address. With the help of Recovery Toolbox for PDF, you may repair PDF files online for $10/GB.


Ilovepdf is well-known for its straightforward site design and robust features. PDF files can be fixed without logging in or creating an account. Users of ilovepdf have a choice of two PDF upload options: drag and drop corrupted PDF files into the recovery zone or choose PDF files from your PC. Additionally, it helps users repair files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Users of the free ilovepdf edition can simultaneously fix two PDF files. However, you must register and subscribe to the premium version if you want to fix more PDF files at once.

3) Sejda

Another online pdf repair tool is Sejda Repair PDF. You can upload your repaired PDF files from your computer by clicking the Upload PDF Files button. Additionally, you can drag and drop files into the designated space. To submit the source PDF file, you can alternatively click the drop-down arrow next to the Upload PDF Files option and select Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive Web Address. Next, select Repair PDF, and then wait for the procedure to be finished.

4) Sysinfo PDF Recovery

This utility can fix one or more corrupt PDF files and is easy to use. Options for basic and sophisticated retrieval are available. The advanced option works to extract as much data as it can from the damaged files, while the basic option only allows you to recover a portion of the data.

One of the best PDF repair solutions available is SysInfo Tools PDF Repair v3.0, which retails for approximately $59 for a single-user license. Although it costs a little more, you have the choice to try it out before buying.


This is another free online pdf repair tool we recommend for fixing corrupted PDF files. This program allows you to load a PDF file and can assist with recovering pages and a cross-reference table. In addition, the data can be saved after repair by selecting Save As.

Final Thought

There may be more than 2.5 trillion PDF documents in existence, according to Phil Ydens, VP of Engineering at Adobe Document Cloud. This number is growing daily as more organizations, institutions of higher learning, and individuals are adopting PDF as a reliable, platform-independent method of transmitting information. It may genuinely and considerably reduce the amount of paper used today for digital signatures, authentication, encryption, and invoicing. Our top recommendation for pdf recovery for Dropbox users is the Recovery Toolbox, a collection of applications and services for restoring damaged files, file formats, and passwords for numerous programs for dropbox users.

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