How to Reduce Accidents in the Workplace?

Accidents in the workplace are definitely something you want to avoid. They are disruptive to the normal flow of activity on the production or warehouse floor and can prove to be expensive in lost revenue, but that takes a back seat to the human cost if one of your workers is severely injured or loses their life on the job. You will want to be proactive about taking measures to keep everyone entering your facility safe, whether they are employees, contractors, suppliers or visitors to your premises.


Tips to Help you Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

  1. Hire experienced candidates for available positions.

Take your time when trying to fill a vacant position. Rather than trying to hire someone quickly, find a candidate with experience working in a similar position. They will be more likely to be aware of potential hazards and less likely to make a careless mistake on the job.

  1. Provide safety training to all staff.

Everyone on your staff should receive mandatory safety training upon being hired. Refresher training should be offered at intervals. This is too important to be put on the back burner. Safety should be on the forefront of everyone’s mine when they are at work, especially if they are responsible for operating vehicles or other machinery or handling any type of dangerous substances.

Make a firm rule that no one on your staff will be allowed to operate equipment unless they have been trained and are fully competent in handling it. All staff need to understand that this is one rule that cannot be broken; the potential for an accident causing an injury or property damage is far too high.

  1. Ensure that task areas are clearly marked.

If you have an area where employees will be using fork lifts or other motorised vehicles, you can be sure that they will be moving along at a considerable rate of speed. Indicate where workers and visitors can walk safely by erecting pedestrian safety barriers.

Even if a vehicle were to hit a barrier, the cushioning would take some of the impact, resulting in less damage to the vehicle. Pedestrians would be less likely to wander into restricted areas where they would face the risk of injuries themselves due to being hit by a moving vehicle or falling objects.


    4. Provide proper ventilation if operating forklifts indoors.

Forklifts emit carbon monoxide and you will need to ensure that the work area is properly ventilated every time they are being used. Carbon monoxide is clear, odourless tasteless. It is quite hazardous and carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to severe illness or even be fatal if the exposure is severe enough.

Managers and staff should be aware of the following signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning”

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness

If someone on the job experiences any of these symptoms, get them outside into fresh air and call the emergency number for medical assistance right away. Ask the rest of the staff evacuate the premises until the fire department has performed an inspection and determined it is safe to re-enter the building.

     5. Have a security plan for early morning or late night shifts.

Your business can be at risk from outsiders looking to steal from you, and employees working early morning or late night shifts may be at risk. Avoid having one employee being assigned to “open” or “close” your facility on their own. Instead, have a group of workers finish together and walk to their cars as a group so that no one is left alone.

Arrange for private security at night so that your staff will not be left on their own if you must have workers stay late for independent work. Have a security guard walk them to their vehicle to avoid a slip and fall injury after dark?

There are a number of strategies that you can put in place as a business owner to help reduce accidents in the workplace. Keeping your staff healthy and working is an investment you make that will pay off in increased productivity that will help to grow your company over time.

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  1. Out of the tips for how to reduce accidents in the workplace, I think that providing safety training to all staff sounds most important. I agree that safety should be on the forefront of all the workers mind especially when they’re at work. I always like reviewing rules every now and then because sometimes I’m kinda forgetful.

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