Five Common Workplace Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Workplace accidents and injuries usually lead to loss of valuable time and money to the employer and employee. It is essential to take proper precautions and prevent them. Sometimes avoiding accidents at the workplace is quite impossible. They occur quite fast, and within no time, you are dealing with pilling medical bills and draining finances as you aren’t in a position to work. Your life and well-being seem to be slipping out of your control. That is where Lamber Goodnow comes in. They understand your frustrations and will help you during this tough time. Listed below are five common workplace accidents and how to avoid them.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip accidents usually occur on wet or oily surfaces and floors. You can trip from exposed cabling, and half-closed cabinet and desk drawers and uneven floors. These accidents can lead to head and back injuries, broken arms, or legs, among others. 

However, you can prevent these accidents. Wet floors should have a “wet floor” sign when being cleaned, and wipe oily surfaces. Appropriate footwear should be required – use on no-stick soles on shoes. Conceal all exposed cabling, and the workplace should be well lit. Remind the employees to ensure desk drawers are well closed to avoid tripping. You should replace loose carpeting and mats and uneven floors repaired.

Fire, Explosion and Electrocution Accidents

Improperly stored flammable materials and faulty gas lines are the leading causes of fire and explosion accidents. Injuries resulting from such accidents include damage to the respiratory system caused by fumes inhalation, burns of varying degrees, which may lead to disfigurement. These accidents have the highest casualty rate of all work-related accidents.

Employees should wear protective gear and get training on how to handle easily combustible and dangerous materials. Adequate warning signs should be placed on the materials and the containers. Ensure there is an active alarm system and a proper evacuation plan put in place. Also, conduct regular fire drills.

Muscle Strain Injuries

Muscle strain injuries are caused by lifting heavy objects, which lead to backaches, neck, and shoulder pains. Employees should have proper training on raising techniques to avoid such accidents. Repetitive strain injuries such as typing and working on a computer on hours end can be avoided by allowing employees short breaks to rest stretch out. You should also strive to make the workplace more ergonomic. It will ensure that you avoid all these types of injuries.

Machinery Accidents

Machines that are not well-maintained and managed can often lead to horrible accidents. Injuries resulting from such accidents include crushed arms, eye injuries, and much worse. Cuts and lacerations can occur from all types of office equipment with sharp edges. Employers should ensure proper safety measures are in place. Machines should be regularly maintained, and machine guards installed. You should install warning signs and speed limits in the driveway forklifts and small automobiles to avoid collisions.

Transport and Vehicle-Related Accidents

With the use of any vehicles, there is the risk of accidents. You can get involved in accidents such as vehicle collisions, being hit by a moving car, or falling from a moving one. For you to prevent such accidents, employers should ensure vehicles are well maintained and the employees well trained. Drivers should be well-rested and follow company rules and regulations.

The key to preventing most workplace accidents is to ensure employees are well trained and encouraged to report any areas in need of repair that may lead to accidents. Stay safe.

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