5 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness


Marketing and branding is the life of any business- old or new. There’s no point in building a groundbreaking product if no one knows about it.

While many are adopting digital marketing to make their business reach new heights, nothing can beat the traditional flyer- and- banner when it comes to better branding.

So here are 5 old school tips to better brand recognition:

1. Use the same photo/logo for all your marketing

Starting with this seemingly obvious and easy but often overlooked tip—always be consistent in your branding. From your website, to your advertisements, to flyers, banners and newsletters- always use the same logo- and the same one or two fonts. Maybe even a general theme. This way you’ll be instantly recognizable.

2. Give out promotional products

This strategy has been fundamental since the very beginning of marketing. A promo product is a simply an object like a keychain, pen and t-shirts, or even labels and stickers. They’re usually products that are frequently used in everyday life and can hence remind the users of your company from time to time. US based Sovereign Print provides efficient and cost effective promo items like leather and metal key fobs, labels and stickers.

3. Partner up with other brands + Sponsor local events

Making new friends never hurts. Japanese clothing company Uniqlo sponsors free admission to Museum of Modern Art, New York every Friday from 4- 8pm. This kind of partnership helps brands inherit each other’s image and reputation, make it better and expand their customer base.

Ever wonder why blue bloods like Pepsi and Intel sponsor college events? And when a non- profit holds a fundraiser, it is supported by a dozen organizations like itself? You can never have a large enough customer pool—and in addition to having your name and logo in front of potential customers for a disposable income, you’re also seen in favorable light for contributing to good causes.

4. Advertising in newspapers, magazines and stores

Apart from billboards, this is the best way to reach out to masses. Millions of people read newspapers and magazines, and flock to grocery stores everyday. Invest in bold and attractive flyers and posters, and partner up with publishers and stick them on store windows or on a store shelf. This helps in grabbing the attention of even those who weren’t planning to buy your product. Companies like Sovereign Print offer a generous range of posters, flyers, business stationary and magazine covers made with eco friendly material and a variety of finishes to enhance your products’ appeal.

5. Exclusivity+ Rewards for dedicated users

Lastly, you can also hold events exclusively for your customers and then advertise it. Invite only events create buzz and generate interest in your brand.

While you’re constantly trying to get new customers, ensuring that the existing ones find a reason to stay is equally important. Give out bonus points, rewards, coupons and freebies to regular users of your service and to those whose references new users cite.

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  1. It makes a big difference when you use consistent logos, text and imagery. It helps to create a solid brand for your business.

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