6 Guiding Tips to Make Your Flower Girls Look As Cute As Ever

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Flower girls could be your niece, your neighbor’s daughter or even your own daughter. They can be understated or side-lined in the wedding preparations. But don’t forget, their presence will set the mood for your arrival.

If you plan everything perfectly from choosing different flower girl dresses to keeping them chirpy, you will ace everything. These little angels will look like they’re descending from heaven as they pave the way for you.

Different sites offer different guides for different aspects of flower girls. But this is not your regular site. We have created an ultimate guide for you to perfect the art of hosting flower girls.

The Ultimate Guide to Flower Girls

These are the ultimate tips that you must know if you want the best flower girls walking down the aisle.

1. Match the Theme:

Regardless of whether you’re having a traditional wedding, Malibu wedding or a trendy reception, you need to match the girls. A perfect flower girl is one who is dressed according to the fit and feel of the occasion.

2. White Is Not Important:

The ivory color family is reserved for the bride. However, that doesn’t mean that the flower girls have to spot white flower girl dresses. You don’t have to limit the options because the traditions say so. You can switch to pastel or pale pink color.

3. Cheap Works:

There are several brands that create cheap flower girl dresses which are of good quality. So don’t commit a mistake of buying an overpriced dress. The parents will definitely offer to pay so as a courtesy, don’t burn a hole in their pocket. The child will anyway outgrow her attire.

4. The Length is Noteworthy:

Tall flower girls should be given a longer dress. But if she’s younger and shorter in height then a frock would fit perfectly. Lace flower girl dresses come in all shapes and sizes. They look extremely adorable too. So you may want to check. The length should be such that it doesn’t make your flower girl trip, while also make her look elegant and cute.

5. Perfect Time:

There’s no perfect time when it comes to wedding shopping for the festivities. It is usually believed that the sooner the shopping is done, the better it will be. For flower girls, however, buy the dress close to the occasion. Kids are known to grow quickly at their pre-teen stage. Hence, it is the best if you don’t want to buy another dress which actually fits.

6. Kid’s Choice:

It may seem chaotic at first but if you let the girl pick her own dress then it will be fruitful. Kids can be fuzzy when they don’t like the attire they’re wearing. Hence, it is important that she absolutely loves what she’s wearing. She will definitely pick a few lace flower girl dresses because that’s in fashion right now.


Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos together. Your flower girls will definitely want to remember these precious moments. Also, this will make the flower girls thoroughly enjoy during the wedding.

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