MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit on the Art of Great Design

For MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit, the journey from ideation to completion for his revolutionary line of interlocking magnetic device chargers has been full of surprises, challenges, and left turns. On his quest to change the lives of consumers all over the world, he’s discovered important innovations, made major discoveries, and constantly refined and improved his brand and his company’s work along the way to ensure that once his products are in buyers’ hands, they’re blown away.


This requires a deep dive into each component of every MAGFAST device in search of new opportunities. Recently, Segnit took MAGFAST fans on a journey through his mind as he explored the process of designing just one tiny part of one of their products: the underside of MAGFAST Extreme– the company’s super charging device loaded with USB-C and USB-A ports, an astounding three Qi Wireless ports, and even a 12V out capable of jump starting a dead car battery.

Since Segnit’s last update, MAGFAST Extreme’s design has been improved upon once again. He highlighted a number of major changes, including the fact that flash gold plating has been added to each connector, and the magnetic posts on the bottom of the device have now been surfaced to improve its grip and brought into perfect alignment down the center to make them look as good as possible. In Segnit’s words, “when you engineer, it’s way more convenient to put things where they fit as opposed to where they ought to be,” but that hasn’t stopped him from rising to the occasion and making the necessary changes happen.

Moving the magnets within the MAGFAST device also required making adjustments to the scoop, which users lift up to connect the 12V jumper cables to the device. A user simply slides their finger underneath the silicon cap to pop it out; the scoop itself, finished in matte, contrasts elegantly with the glossy plastic of the rest of the charger. Though it led to a lack of symmetry on the cap itself, Segnit and the team loved how it looked and kept the design intact. Maintaining symmetry down the center of the device was also a key talking point regarding the design of MAGFAST Extreme. Segnit decided to maintain a line of symmetry with all components.

Next, he talked about how MAGFAST addresses a common challenge with charging devices: users not knowing which ports are for getting power in and out. MAGFAST Extreme and Air address this issue elegantly; there is a ring labeled IN around the Micro-USB and USB-C port and a ring labeled OUT around the USB-C (which can do both), USB-A, and 12V outputs. Why is the company utilizing Micro-USB at this time? “We included the Micro-USB connector not because we love it,” said Segnit, “but because everyone has one, and everyone will soon have at least one USB-C cable.” The industry is changing to favor USB-C, but USB-A is still prevalent, so this was a sensible, thoughtful decision that both past- and future-proofs MAGFAST devices.

You may be wondering how long all of this innovation takes Segnit. “I don’t log all of my hours,” he says, “but I’m certainly 24 hours – more than half a working week – in on making sure that all of the graphics, and particularly this end of this product, and all of the details all fit right and perfectly together.” He also says that “a lot of time and a lot of love” go into this process, but it’s clearly proving worth his time as he continues to bring much-needed change to a long-stagnant industry of device charging. 

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