What Are MPPT Charge Controllers and How Does It Work?

If you have ever thought about switching to a solar-based home power solution, the chances are that you have come across the term MPPT charge controllers. But, first, let’s talk about solar charge controllers in general as that will give you a basic idea about what they are and what they do. 

A solar charge controller is a solar-powered voltage and current regulator and is used to regulate power input from PV arrays for optimal power delivery – thus, helping run electrical loads and charging batteries. 

Now coming back to MPPT charge controllers, what is an MPPT charge controller? 

An MPPT charge controller, also known as Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller, are controllers that help track the power for the maximum powerpoint. The maximum power point is the ideal voltage at which maximum power should be delivered with minimal loss in power. Therefore, you can refer to it as peak power voltage. 

How Does an MPPT Charge Controller Work?

 The voltage of a battery varies according to its charge content. MPPT charge controller works in two ways: 

  • It increases the output voltage of the solar panel
  • It decreases the voltage of the battery 

The MPPT checks the output of the PV module and then compares this output with the battery voltage to better charge the battery by converting the output to the best possible voltage to deliver maximum current to the battery.  

Over the last few years, charge controller technologies have progressed considerably – and one such innovative technology is  PWM charging. Let us now understand the basics of PWM charge controllers.

What are PWM Charge Controllers?

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) charge controllers are amongst the most common form of charge controllers that are available in the market. As your battery approaches capacity, PWM controllers gradually reduce the amount of power coming into the batteries as it reaches its capacity (fully charged). PWM controllers retain a ‘trickle’ mode, meaning they continually deliver a small amount of power to keep the battery charged. 

Luminous has a range of products that make use of this technology, so if you are looking to purchase one of the highest quality solar energy solutions out there, you must explore their offerings. Find below some of the top solar solutions with  inbuilt charge controllers from Luminous:

1. Solar Charge Controller- SCC1210NM 

The Solar Charge Controller- SCC1210NM allows you to properly charge a battery from solar panels without allowing overcharging. Luminous Solar Charge controllers are necessary to get protection against overcharging and reverse current, and charges batteries using solar panels without allowing them to overcharge, as well as preventing reverse current flow during the night. The solar charge controller price is ₹1085, and it has a user-friendly USB connector, allowing you to power your DC devices such as your smartphone without the need for an adapter. 


Model DetailsSCC 1210
Range Name (Solar)Solar Charge Controller 
Charge Controller  Rating10A@12V/24V
Warranty12 months
Net weight (kg.)0.3 kg
Dimensions (L*B*H)4.0*6.0*13.5 CM
Input Voltage Range (Voc)17-25(12V), 36-50(24V)

2. Solar Charger Controller-SCC 1220NM

The solar charge controller-SCC 1220NM is priced at ₹2,295, and it is one of the best charge controllers you can get if you are plan to protect your batteries against overcharge. 

This solar charge controller provides an efficiency level of 98 percent, and is backed with Low-voltage disconnect built-in (LVD) into the product. In addition, this charge controller from Luminous also allows automatic battery selection, and offers a USB port for connecting a DC load such your smartphones or tablets. 


ModelSCC 1220
Range Name (Solar)Solar Charge Controller
Dimensions4.0*6.0*13.5 CM
Warranty12 months
Net weight (kg.)0.35 kg
Charge Controller Rating 20A@12V/24V
Max. supported panel power (Wp)400Wp@12V, 800Wp@24V
Input Voltage Range (Voc)17-25(12V), 36-50(24V

Now that you know about some top options in charge controllers, determine your unique requirements and find the ideal solution for your home. While you are at it, remember to explore options from reputable brands like Luminous that offers a range of power solutions, and at affordable rates. Check their website or visit them in-store today!

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