Live Automated Webinar: Is It Live or Recorded?

You might have heard about automated webinars, how great they are for promoting products and services, and establishing your business’s authority. But now, there’s also a “live” version of automated webinars so you wonder how different they are from each other.

Before you move on to how to do a live automated webinar, here’s a short rundown to help you understand better this valuable marketing tool.

Live Automated Webinar

The Definition

A live automated webinar means two things. First, you host live webinars then record them and show the recording to a different set of audiences. Or, you can record a webinar in advance then show it to viewers later. Live automated webinars are either presented live or recorded using a webinar platform.

It’s a hybrid webinar loaded into an automated webinar software that’s shown to your audience as if it’s live even though it’s pre-recorded.

Performed Live

In the case of StealthSeminar, you simply have to log in to the software and you can create a webinar and present it “live” to your attendees at an arranged date and time. Platforms like YouTube Live and are integrated to let you record your live webinar while doing the presentation.

After your live event ends, you can use the recording and send a replay link to those who have registered but may have missed it. Or, you can also share it again “live” to a new set of viewers.


Using the same webinar platform as an example (StealthSeminar), pre-recorded events are created using YouTube or, or any other way. As long as recorded webinars are in a standard video format such as MP4, FLV, etc., you can load it in the platform and show it to your viewers as if it’s live.

How it works is similar to that of live events. You send a unique link to those who wish to register for the event. Then, they select the date and time they want from the list of options you created. Viewers can still engage with you in real-time through live chat, add comments as the video is playing, similar to live streaming. Then once the presentation ends, similar to one performed live, you can send a replay link or other follow-ups.

Audience Engagement

The need to “go live” to constantly engage the audience puts a lot of pressure on you. You need to set a time and date favorable to everyone, perfect your presentation ahead of time, and choose the right webinar tools to ensure everything goes smoothly. Moreover, you have to address viewer comments as they come.

The hard part when hosting live presentations is that som many things can go wrong. Attendees may not be able to attend; plus, you have to answer questions that can distract your presentation. But if you can deliver a recorded webinar to your viewers as if it was live, attendees can get the best of automated and live webinars. They can view a polished presentation and still engage with the presentation by adding questions or comments in real-time while it plays.

How About Questions That Come Up During the Presentation?

After viewing your webinar, you can follow up with each of them to address any concerns they may have during the presentation. Eventually, you’ll be familiar with the common questions people, and you can record another webinar to address those issues.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

So now, you may be thinking it’s improper to make your presentations seem live when they’re, in fact, pre-recorded webinars. You need to be transparent with customers when running a business. Don’t say things like “it’s a live webinar” if you’re presenting a recorded webinar in advance because that’d be lying.

Explain to your viewers that what they’re seeing is a recorded presentation. Just like others, live, automated webinars have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to weigh them and see which matters most to you. If you want evergreen webinars that you can use repeatedly, this is the right choice for you.

Businesses that use live webinars will need someone to take time out and stand in the camera for an hour. And if there are graphics involved, those should also sync up with the presentation. 

That’s not the case with an automated or evergreen webinar — your viewers have more freedom to choose the schedule they want. At the same time, you focus on other parts of the business as you already have a recorded presentation ready.

Open Yourself to New Possibilities

A live automated webinar is a useful lead generation tool that you can run as often as you want. Picture this, you go to bed at ease, knowing that a webinar platform is doing the job on your behalf to run things on autopilot. The next day, you wake up with leads and a new customer because while you were sleeping, people can register for your webinars.

In a few minutes, you set up targeted ads or landing pages to direct a potential customer to your registration page, complete with a compelling call to action. Now you have the means to make money without the need to be there in person. Imagine the possibilities that open up when you’re able to generate income regularly without being restricted by time.

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