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Len Wong (who also goes by Lenny Wong) is a Toronto-based entrepreneur who has taken his passion for horticulture and turned it into a purposeful venture by developing and breeding new strains of medical cannabis.

Len began his education in the area of medical cannabis by consulting under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR).  Today, he serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

As a master grower, Len owns and operates two businesses, Toronto’s The Grow Depot, which provides cannabis growing products best suited for the Canadian climate, and Genetix Consulting, which specializes in cannabis-focused genetic research and development of cannabis.

Len Wong also serves as a consultant for Cann Help Clinics in Toronto, which is a medical marijuana clinic that specializes in developing personalized medical marijuana treatment plans. Len consults with the doctors at Cann Help Clinics to help guide them through selecting specialized genetics and strains that help with various medical ailments.  Patients at Cann Help Clinics may have several contributing factors or conditions that lead to pain or anxiety.  Len’s knowledge in the area of medical cannabis helps find solutions that will benefit the patient’s health and deliver effective relief.

Len has a watchful eye on the future of medical marijuana in Canada, and looks forward to developing and perfecting new strains of cannabis and sharing his passion for horticulture organic gardening.

Q: You brought your expertise of growing medical cannabis to the business world when you opened The Grow Depot.  What have been some of the challenges you faced in founding The Grow Depot and building a retail business that serves the organic grower? 

A: The first challenge was encouraging growers to go organic.  Organic farming of cannabis is cleaner and safer for smoking and consumption than synthetic production.  It also holds numerous medical benefits.  Organic farming brings out the terpenes, or essential oils, which hold anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  Another challenge was sourcing out organic, high quality fertilizers and amendments available to Canadians.  These are both necessary tools in improving plant growth.

Q: You hand-selected your staff at The Grow Depot and have entrusted them with providing guidance and knowledge to the store’s clientele in the area of cannabis and organic growing.  What was your process in finding the right staff members for The Grow Depot?  How were you able to determine their knowledge in the area of organic growing?

A: As with any job screening, I start by searching through a candidate’s resume.  I am looking for a skilled person who has the qualifications and knowledge needed to work well with customers.  Then I bring the person in for an interview.  If that candidate stands out, I will conduct two more interviews prior to offering them a job.  I look for a person who is eager to learn and willing to do the research on their own.  Basically, I want staff members to know the ins and outs of The Grow Depot products.  Most importantly, they need to know cannabis and be familiar with organic-style farming.

Q: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, especially one as unique and industry-focused as The Grow Depot?

A: I would tell aspiring entrepreneurs to be aware of the current trends in the Canadian marketplace.  Surround yourself with knowledge.  After that, determination.  Lots of determination.  Also, believe in what you are trying to accomplish and always have your eyes set on the end game.  There will most definitely be obstacles that get in your way.  Always get back up when you are knocked down, and I promise you will succeed.

Q:Your passion for developing new strains of cannabis parlays into your consulting work and in your work with Cann Help Clinics. Do you find your work with Cann Help Clinics and helping patients benefit from medical cannabis to be some of the more rewarding work that you have done?

A: It is the most rewarding experience!  The patient may be afflicted with illness or suffering in pain.  And then to watch them benefit from the strain of cannabis I’ve created and selected for them, it’s amazing.  This is a beautiful time in Canadian history.  We are finally embracing alternative methods in medicine, and it’s working.

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