The Craze Of Gemstones: Shungite And Tanzanite

The craze for gemstones is continuously rising. It has been the same since ancient times because stones with different textures and colors are bound to attract humans because of their natural color and other very profitable elements to human life. Every color and texture depicts something very different and unique from one another, not only for looking beautiful but also because these stones are said to have the energy to make life more stable. No matter how many seasons, from the witches to every magic it can do, it can also look pretty and spread the energy one needs. There are many stories of Magical stones and gemstones that people from ancient times and heroes are in Quest to find.

Briefings about shungite and Tanzanite accessories

In this paragraph, we will be describing SHUNGITE JEWELLERY. The smooth matt black stone, for its divine look, adds more shine to your personality, and not only does it adds new flavors to your style, but it also carries greater significance because it is one of the oldest gems on Earth, and offers healing properties such as shungite water benefits.


  • The eye-catching shade of this gem is because of the amount of carbon in its chemical composition. Higher the percentage of carbon higher is the metallic version of the stone. 
  • And, adding to the metallic version, Matt’s black finish is due to the small amounts of sulfur. Out of three, only two grades of Shugnite are used as gemstones. This gem can be crafted into many shapes like round, oval, octagon, cushion, and pear shapes. 
  • The gem’s cutting should be done very carefully so that its beauty does not get damaged. Symmetry plays the most crucial role while shaping this gem, and the finished gem should be appropriately proportioned. It undergoes no other additional methods. 
  • The higher value of the stone depends on the cut, color, and overall perfection. As the metallic noble shugnite is not commonly found in large sizes, its price increases as the size of the gem increases. 
  • For anyone who loves jewelry but is looking for a light or minimal experience, black shugnite would be a great option to go for. 
  • Being a versatile gemstone, shugnite gems and jewelry, it goes very ethnically with any outfit. 
  • It can be worn in many styles like rings, earrings, pendants, and many more beautiful ornaments. 
  • It is widespread for this gem to have black residues even after cleaning it. Always avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme heat to the glory or damage it. Clean your gemstone with a soft, damp cloth.


In this paragraph, we will be describing TANZANITE JEWELRY. The striking name of the stone is named for the country in which it was found (Tanzania). This gemstone comes in the prominent top five: diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and Tanzanite. 

  • The chemical combination of this gem includes calcium aluminum silicate, which gives it a pretty blue appearance. Jewelry with Tanzanite should have a protective setting as its hardness is between 6.5 to 7, which brings it in a position between Feldspar and Quartz on the Mohr scale, which also concludes that everyday dust will scratch the surface.
  •  When this gen is heated from 400 to 500 degrees Celsius the yellow/brown color fades away. The only commercial source for this gem is in the shadows of The majestic Kilimanjaro. The famous blue, the violetish blue Tanzanite, is the most valuable. 
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