Improving Productivity in the Packaging Line: 4 Steps to Consider

As an entrepreneur, it should be your constant task to look for ways that can boost productivity and lower costs, without sacrificing quality, which applies pretty much in every segment of the business. When you are trying to improve the performance and speed of your packaging line, here are four steps that you should consider taking to actually see those improvements you want.

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Upgrade Your Packers

The most comprehensive solution to improving the performance of your packaging line is to upgrade your packing machines to better ones. The Axiom IM from Douglas is a horizontal loading case packer that can easily handle 45 cases/trays each and every minute, but that’s not even your best option. The Axiom ARC from the same company can handle 100 cases/trays every minute in continuous motion. If your current packaging machines are not performing to these standards, invest in your business’s productivity and get one of the latest models from Douglas to see an immediate and marked improvement in the efficiency and speed of your packaging lines. Of course, a business needs to match the packer to its budget and needs as well, so they also have a range of top loading and bottom loading packers for companies to choose from, in various budgets and capacities.

Utilize Pre-Printed Branding on the Materials

The pre-printed material will negate the time required for individual branding, and the processes of bundling and branding will become a single process instead of being separate ones, therefore, eliminating an entire step in the packaging process. it will also allow you to multi-pack, which saves money by reducing the amount of packaging materials required.

Let Automated Processes Run During Off-Hours

Thanks to advanced robotics and automation software, some packaging lines can now be run with little or no human supervision. Take advantage of this and let your automated machines run even during off hours to maximize your packaging line’s output. This won’t, of course, apply in every situation, but use this little trick everywhere you can. However, it is highly advised that you keep those machines of yours in top shape with proper maintenance because if they go down due to overworking, your packaging line will quite literally come to a stop and you will lose productivity instantly.

Self-Erecting Boxes Help with faster Assembly Times

There are handy little tricks that you can use to speed up the assembly, such as using self-erecting boxes to reduce the time required for your employees to set up the boxes and cases up, or you can invest in an automated case erector, of course.

Consumer demands pushed the boundaries of the manufacturing and packaging industry once upon a time, but after an initial performance dip in relation to the market’s demands, manufacturers have managed to successfully cater to the increasing needs of their consumers once again. As one may imagine, the advancements in industrial technology are the main reason why that even became possible, and we are looking towards a future in manufacturing where automation will play even more significant roles.

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